Jamo needed at Kick Return

Need all weapons on the field. He used to do special teams too, and that’s probably why he’s good at blocking. Or a surprise Championship opener.

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It would be a good idea in the playoffs. Not so much in the regular season.

I’ve been wanting to see that all season long. But now, after all that’s been going on with him, he just needs to get WR duties down first.

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No thx.

I mean in a playoff game? Sure, I guess but he’s just starting to come on. Don’t rock the boat by risking injury.

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Hell no…already had one ACL. Lot easier to have a season injury returning kicks. Leave it to the expendable quick guys.


Ask Jason Sehorn what he thinks of this idea.


Not to mention, put Jamo back there and the opponent just bangs it out of the end zone anyways.