Jamo will have career game on Monday

I’m calling it.

By the way, a career game for him is probably 3 catches so take this FWIW, but I feel like him and Gibbs are poised to break out around the same time.


And I will predict that if he doesn’t catch a pass that it won’t be his worst game either…unless he doesn’t block as well. I’m still really pulling for Jamo despite my concerns.

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I am very doubtful that he does much before the break. It is clear he is not running the routes the way Goff is expecting.

It is about reps and understanding route paths.

That’s exactly why I have given up. Look, he’s been studying this offense for a year and a half, and he has 8 games in it. How much time does he need?
First round busts happen. It sucks.


So 3 catches and a td

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People learn differently. He’s not exactly the studious type. He needs to learn by doing.

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So I think you are not quite understanding my meaning.
He is running the right routes for sure. But the route path and where he is taking them and where Goff is expecting him to be needs to be refined. This is an issue of reps and such. Listen he is throwing passes to him 30+ yards down the field. When the ball is released Jamo is like 10+ yards from the meeting point. Being off 12 inches (1/3 of a yard) makes it look bad. Being off 1-3 yards is a problem. They have been off by more than a yard for sure but really it is more like 1/2 yard. This is not a deal breaker it is an issue of reps and communication between the 2. This is 100% fixable. The Lions routes trees and offense are not simple. They are not a slant, stop and go, out type of offense. Which is why they are doing so well. They are relying on execution and precision. Which when done properly and done with a talented player like Jamo can be deadly (think maybe a Waddle).


100% yes. You nailed it. It’s about more than just knowing the playbook…it’s about intricacies and new levels of precision. I think you are 100% on point with that. Well put, brother!

I would just say that everyone learns differently. It’s one thing to see diagrams in a playbook, but it’s a whole other thing to be out there, doing it with a brand new quarterback, and against teams of equal or better talent than he was seeing in college.

So, basically it’s Goff? That seems to be what I’m hearing. Goff has a problem with Jamo’s blazing speed.
It’s not like 90% of the throws have been 30+ yards. Most of the passes he has not caught have been much shorter.
So how long should it reasonably take Goff to get on the same page with Jamo?
Is it Hooker time?
Do we have to change QB’s for Jamo? What if we can’t find a QB he can work with?
Jamo switched schools. He didn’t have 3 years with one QB in college. How did he do it?

I know you are frustrated after yesterday’s game, but lets not do anything you will regret by getting a hooker. Maybe later in the season if the Lions keep losing.

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3 catches, 112 yards 1 TD. 2 drops.

So, he’s going to have 5 catches for 96 yards, Monday night?
Everyone on board, say I.
Of course, I’m going to revisit this Tuesday.

Something to look forward to

I didn’t start or title the thread.
*Oh, shit! I forgot who did.:rofl:
No offense, @Nate , but, I don’t believe we will ever see that from him. I hope I’m wrong.

Not sure where this came from but yes timing and reading the defense the same way between the QB and WR takes time. Reading out of a playbook is way different than when live bullets are flying. It’s why they practice on the field and don’t just do work in the classroom. Jamo may never turn into what we all hope but I know he’s going to be a hell of a lot better in the future than he is right now.

When did Jamo have 1 QB in college for 3 seasons? Keep in mind, he switched schools midway.

That’s why I said he is now dealing with equal talent. Playing at Alabama and Ohio State is not exactly competing on a level playing field. Not many teams / players can compete with those two programs. Now, everyone is fast and a professional.

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But, their QB’s are better than Goff, I guess.
I’m really trying to understand. Nothing makes sense with this kid.

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