Do you think he plays next game?

  • Yes
  • No

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Have sources confirmed that he is as fast as pre-injury?

Predict his first game
I’ve got 4 catches on 5 targets for 117 yards

Is this one of them reply polls? :slight_smile:
I don’t think Brad/Dan play him yet. I think that’s a mistake!


Not sure why it didn’t work. On phone instead of computer

Almost assuredly. At least a few snaps. 10 days is a good amount for him to go out there and just run a few deep plays. Especially when his 90% is everyone else’s 100%

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Is he only at 90%

He was running routes on the Ford Field turf before the Thanksgiving day game…I think he’s playing vs the Jags.

9 catches for 200 yards and 3 TD’s. Start real light in the 1st game.


Haha! All in for that


wrong nick name, lol

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3 catches for 54 yards


I’m going to say yes in a limited role. I can’t see Dan putting the young man in a position to get hurt regardless of a push for the playoffs. Put Jamo in for some short sideline routes where he can get out of bounds without taking a big hit. Of course if he happens to torch his man and get wide open deep, then I’d say it’s time to let him spread his wings and fricking fly baby. :money_mouth_face:


12 catches 229 yards 3 tds

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I want no injuries for him or anyone else this next game! Saying that?!

I stated this before…. His first play need to be to block someone, chip them, and get that first hit out of the way but on his terms…. Giving it vs taking it!

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I know he will, because he has 10 days to spin up and its the only game I’m going to this year.

Heading down to the card shop to grab a Jamo rookie in case he is signing after his first TD…or his 2nd…


In the 1st quarter!

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I think he gets in for a few plays.

What’s the “safest” route to run from an injury perspective? (Knock wood.)

I’m thinking a 10-yd crossing route designed to get him the ball in space. ARSB hit one against the Bills and I was thinking, '“if that’s Jamo, that might’ve been 6.”

Kid’s gonna be electric.


or 4th?

Have fun, brother! Happy that you get to experience that!

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The Vikings game is the only one I’m going to this year and I hope they hold him out until then. That crowd, regardless of which game, is going to go crazy. Glad they will be starting him at home. Couldn’t you see Patricia being so obstinate that he would start him on a road game?

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He would have probably traded him for a fourth rounder because he doesn’t like has act.


We’ve been patient for this long, I want him 100% healthy and prepared.