Janoris Jenkins has been claimed by the Saints

Janoris Jenkins has been claimed by the Saints Per Ian Rapoport and Tom pelissero


SB run

Ha! Figures. Winning team. Warm climate. Low taxes.

agreed. But it’s not like Jenkins had any choice in the matter. The saints were apparently the only team that placed a claim on him otherwise any team that was ahead of them on the priority wire would have been awarded to claim instead of the Saints

Actually, he could choose to sit until March.

Agreed. But I felt it that was understood and it wasn’t necessary to specifically state if he actually wanted to play the remainder of this year and earned the 1.2 million dollars left on his contract for the next two weeks. But yes that was a choice, just a very unlikely one in my opinion

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Going to a team with a real shot is likely the biggest thing, but, don’t discount the rest. NOLA has got to be one of the more attractive landing spots. Mardi Gras and Bourbon St coupled with the weather, and among the lowest taxes in the league.

I agree 100%. I was simply pointing out that it wasn’t like he had the choice in the matter that it was simply a matter of who made the waiver claim on him with the highest priority. Fortunately for him it was a very attractive landing spot in nawlins

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