January 1st predictions of who we take with the Rams pick

I’m getting kind of tired of seeing “Well they’ll both be gone by the Rams pick” or “He won’t be there at the Rams pick”

So that begs the question.

Who do you think we’re taking with the Rams pick today?

“Well it’s too early to tell”

Make your best guess.

It’s the January 1st edition after all.

I’m going with Drake London.


I watched some film on him. Love the size and length. I’d be very interested to know what St. Brown says about him in regards to his character and work ethic. They were teammates for a couple seasons.

He also fractured his ankle in early November. So, his medical and physical evaluation will be very important.

LB - Nakobe Dean


London matches need and talent, had half the receiving yards for USC and only played in 8 games.

They’re gonna package that pick with another later pick, or future pick, and trade up to get Willis

Possibly trade back out of 2 and get some comparable trade value there?

I feel like Willis will be really high on their QB board because of how they felt about Trey Lance. That said, I cant see them taking a QB right now.

Goff’s next bad season will be his last in Detroit.


If he’s awful next year, they’ll bail on him…for sure.

I think he’s going to improve just enough to create massive controversy as to wether we should keep him or not. LOL.


The ‘experts’ say Willis needs to sit a year, right? So let him sit a year then open competition in 2023 for the job.

I personally don’t know anything about the guy besides hes super fast and throws a great deep ball. But it sounds good to plan ahead…

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I’ll put it in 3 points for you…

  • Rocket Arm
  • Very Mobile
  • Very Raw

I will agree with this as far as position goes, just not sure Drake will be there at that pick.

I could really see that happening too. We get Ragnow back next year and add a true #1 WR and then Goff plays decent, not great, but decent and we win 7 or 8 games. It’s going to be a huge debate next year if we keep or move on from Goff. Come back to this thread in 11 months from now to see! :slight_smile:

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Kinda makes sense to grab a talented prospect if Goff reverts to his first half of the year performance next year. Or too many holes for that?

Lot tougher to find a starting level QB later in the draft than other positional players.

I like the idea of pairing Hutchinson or Thibodeaux with either Dean or Lloyd at Linebacker. That would really help solidly the front of the Defense. Grab a WR or a Safety with the second rounder.


We have a starting level QB. Goff was as good as the team around him let him be. And yes, even if we hit on every draft pick and whoever we get in FA, there’s still going to be plenty of work to do. I can’t get over the posters who thought that it was on Goff that the team sucked when we had no weapons at WR. Then all of a sudden he woke up? LOL, wtf…


If Tracy Walker leaves (which I think he will), Detroit will think very hard about taking the top safety available.

I think they take the top WR available otherwise.

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Walker is decent, but he’s not really an impact player. He’s got only 2 interceptions in 4 years and 0 this year. I’d consider bringing him back at a reasonable price but if he gets expensive, let him walk for sure. We desperately lack a play making safety. We haven’t had one since Glover Quinn retired.


So much is going to change over the next five months, so I’m gonna go with a guy who I think is gonna rise like crazy as the process plays itself out.

Kyler Gordon, CB, Washington

I don’t know that we’ll go CB so high but I think it’s more likely than LB. Gordon is gonna test like a monster, and his tape’s really good too. Really good tackler for being such a great athlete. Personally I have him ranked over his teammate McDuffie not to mention McCreary, Elam and Gardner.

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Ooo, that’s a name I haven’t heard in a while.

I agree that his tape is really good and that he’s going to test amazing. He could be a 1st rounder when it’s all said and done.

But I do agree with something you said. There’s no way we take a DB in the 1st round unless it’s Kyle Hamilton.

I think we might if it fits our board, but I agree that it would technically be lower on our list of needs. However I’m trying to look at it as “needs over the next decade”, not simply next year, which is why personally I’d snatch a CB in a heartbeat if he was the highest ranked player on my board. You can never have enough of them.

I agree with all of that.

I just think Holmes probably knows how good he is at getting late round and UDFA DBs, so I don’t see why he’d take one early.