Jared Goff...Brad Holmes

What am I missing?

Am I missing something?

Or is Brad Holmes missing something?

Jared Goff is a very poor performer. He has zero legs to him. He stands there like a tree waiting to be taken down.

He is not quick.

He moves worse than a 40 year old QB in the pocket.

Hey, Brad Holmes…what is going on?

This surely can’t be the plan for 2022?

In my opinion…if this roster had Stafford, we would have 6 wins…maybe 7 wins…

That’s a testament to MCDC …and his staff.

Now…where do we go from here??

Surely…Jared Goff cannot be a part of it. He is a 34d string XFL QB…

What is Brad Holmes doing now?

It is one point to believe in a guy…its another to keep the infatuation alive when Goff has proven he cant do it…

What’s Brad Holmes gonna do…???


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I hope his mind is not trapped in some sunk cost fallacy. We may learn a lot about Brad Holmes if Boyle starts against the Brown’s and the offense shows even the slightest bit of improvement. Will he allow MCDC to continue with Boyle or will Goff be “forced” back into starting?

I think Brad Holmes and Campbell need to admit the Goff experiment failed in 2022, IMO. I get that there isn’t much that can be done this year, but even with all the dead money it brings by cutting Goff it needs to happen.

On a side note, the OP does have a good point. How many games would this team in its current state win if we swapped Stafford for Goff. I would say the 2 we lost on FG’s and the Steelers game would almost definitely be wins. I also think we would have beaten the Bears as well. Maybe the Packers and 49ers? Who knows with he Rams as they would look completely different without Stafford. I would say 5-4 would not be a stretch. Maybe we aren’t as far away as we all think if we had a competent QB?


But… how dare you!!!

Goff is a 2x pro bowler which is better than Stafford!!!

He has a better record against winning teams!!!


With the right supporting cast, Goff has proven in this league that he can take a team to the promised land!!!

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I agree

Also, I think a terrible OC has had influence on the O.

We’ll get better next year, and I do hope Goff is gone.
Does he suck? DEFINITELY!
Mostly mindset.
-His heart isn’t into it, and you can see it all day long. He’s not really with us.
-He plays scared
-Unaware of game situations
-Doesn’t have anyone he can trust to throw to

With all of that going on, we don’t know if he actually sucks. He defiantly is putting a shitty product on the field, and I think he could improve dramatically, if he chose to.

Everytime he gets a little pressure and turns around to scramble out of it like he is Lamar F***ing Jackson I just want to punch him in his stupid face.


Nobody’s gonna make good decisions, when they’re playing scared.


Goff has zero confidence. Im sure we would have won more games if Matt was still here but just as likley Matt would probably already had his back broken again.

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How dare you plagiarize virtually all of my offseason posts??? I thought offseason posts self-destructed like Mission Impossible messages when the regular season began. Have you no honor, sir?

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Brother, you ain’t wrong. Goff isn’t good but Goff has never been good. What he was in LA was McVay was a product of what makes McVay so good. He made him good, now maybe people will understand why McVay wanted stafford, he grew tired of having to coach Goff in the headset until it got cut off every single play, telling him where the open guy most likely would be based on the defense. He got exacerbated and tired of the bad throws and bad plays and started to take it out on Goff and yell at him and that in turn chipped away at Goff’s confidence until he is what he is now…check down check down check down. Stafford might have gotten us to a winning record this year with the offensive line and run game but this roster is bad it is devoid of difference makers really on defense and at WR. This roster is rebuilding. Brad Holmes needed to take Goff in order to get the 2nd first-round pick. Goff’s money isn’t unreasonable given the state of affairs with starting qbs. Lynn hasn’t been good in Detroit. Period. I would put serious money on the table he won’t be back next year.


Maybe he wants out of Detroit ? He didn’t get to choose like Matt did.

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He plays like he wants out of Football period.

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It is. You are absolutely correct.

I agree Goff is terrible. But, this part had me laughing. You think the Lions would be 6-4 or 7-3 right now if we had Stafford!? lol that is the funniest thing I’ve heard this week. We have the worst and youngest roster in the entire NFL. With Stafford we might have 2 or 3 wins, maximum.


The question is, did Brad Holmes think he was getting a good QB? Or was he thrown in to facilitate the overall Stafford trade?

Because if it’s the former, it’s a giant red flag for Holmes’ player evaluation abilities (as is the Trinity Benson trade).

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That’s the most important question for sure. If Holmes thought Goff was going to be the answer at QB after watching him play so poorly in 2019 and 2020, then you have to wonder about his ability to evaluate QB’s. Hopefully, he knew Goff wasn’t very good, but wanted the extra draft picks for taking on Goff’s salary.

Bull shit. HOW can Goff be a massive stud superstar/can’t miss QB in LA, leading his team to bowls and a laundry list of greatness, THEN he gets to Detroit and looks like total chit !!!??

rubber arm, can’t hardly pass over 6 yards, missing intended targeted WR’s, can’t barely score, throwing INT’s, looks like trash !? IF he’s SO DAMN GOOD , what’s his excuse ? HE should be making those around him look better…he’s not.

@HSVLion is just being sarcastic Wolf! Take a deep breath. lol

hard when I keep seeing a BIG list of great things Goff did in LA, but looks like a broke dick QB here.

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lol - Great summary of his play. “Broken Dick Performance” - Maybe he just needs some.

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