Jared Goff: Detroit Lions WR Jameson Williams' speed reminds me of Brandin Cooks

Brandin Cooks had the best receiving season of his career with the Los Angeles Rams in 2018, when Jared Goff was his quarterback and he averaged more than 10 yards per target.

“He’s fast,” Goff said. “He’s very fast. He’s very, very fast.”

Asked to put Williams’ speed in perspective, Goff said the rookie reminds him of Cooks, a six-time 1,000-yard receiver who had a career-high 1,204 yards on 80 catches in his first season with the Rams in 2018.

And, for the worrywarts who don’t think he will play this season:

On Wednesday, he and Goff worked extensively together for the first time this fall, and Goff said he came away impressed by what he saw.

“Looked good,” Goff said. “Did some stuff limited today, but looked good and we’ll see how he progresses. If it’s this week, if it’s next week, if it’s the week after I don’t know, but looked good to me.”

Goff said Wednesday he sees a little bit of Cooks in his new speed-demon receiver, Detroit Lions rookie Jameson Williams.

“Brandin Cooks is probably the fastest guy I’ve played with, and it’s a different type of speed, though,” Goff said. “And again, I haven’t seen him play in a real game, but he’s longer. He’s a stride guy. He’s got length, he’s got wingspan. Brandin was more just kind of a burner and has done that well for a long time, but Jameson, he can extend on guys. He can really make catches away from his body, that type of stuff.”


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What a huge compliment for Cooks.
Goff will soon find out that JaMoss is faster than Cooks. :wink:


Goff’s biggest problem will be under throwing Jamo, not over throwing him.


For sure. You have to lead him by a mile. Culpepper style…just throw it as hard as you can and let him go get under it


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