Jared Goff Extension Debate

Hey Lions pride,

Had a bit of back-and-forth at work today about Jared Goff’s contract. My coworker is dead against giving Goff an extension, thinking it’ll tie up our cap space and prevent us from keeping key players like Tracy Walker, Penei Sewell, and Amon-Ra St. Brown. He acknowledges Goff is a top-ten QB, but then, for whatever reason, says he’d much prefer QBs like Jalen Hurts, Patrick Mahomes, Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa, and Josh Allen. That seems obvious, as every team would, but it’s not exactly a realistic expectation.

He’s picturing a scenario where we’re happy just to win the division this year, even if we exit the playoffs early, all while eyeing next year for a real Super Bowl chase. And he’s convinced that a rookie QB, throwing out names like JJ McCarthy or Bo Nix, could be our golden ticket, believing they’d give us a better shot at the Super Bowl than Goff.

His main gripe with Goff is that he doesn’t extend plays, and instead, just throws the ball into the dirt when he’s in a jam. It’s pretty hard to debate when his arguments feel so scattered.

What’s your perspective on this Goff vs. rookie QB debate for our Super Bowl aspirations?

I literally couldn’t believe the things coming out of his mouth, he claims “he’s seen Goff for the last three years and seen enough.” What more does Goff have to do?



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What debate? There shouldn’t be a debate at this point. Pay the man.

But, as I always like to say, you can’t win a debate with stupid.


Your co-worker is worried about paying Goff because it will prevent the Lions from keeping non-QBs……

but wants a different guy like those 4 QBs that make significantly more than Goff….
and another that will soon be extended for a huge deal.


Well…. that should be easy…
especially drafting at the end of the 1st round…

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Let’s see how the balance of the season plays out. If Ben Johnson leaves, as seems likely, will Goff be as effective.

If the Lions were offered two firsts and a third round pick for Goff, would they decide to roll with Hooker?

ask him to list how many QBs in history have run multiple top five offenses for two different teams


First off, welcome to the board! Now on to your buddy:

Tracy Walker signed last offseason. He is not a concern. By the time his contract comes around again the cap will be considerably larger.

That’s the only one. The others are great in their own right, but Jared Goff is the right QB for this team.

Your friend is a coward.

#1. They drafted Hooker last year. #2. Even if the year ended with just winning the division, their draft pick wouldn’t be early enough. It’s a moot point.

Extend him before the Chargers game, because come January he’s going to cost more.


Or ask him how many Detroit QBs have run one top 5 offense.

Goff is our guy


That is a very interesting hypothetical… I don’t think they would but what do I know. The way he’s playing now I feel like he’s in the untouchable category. As for Hooker, it’s going to be interesting to see what he does when he gets some preseason games!

It was like screaming at a brick wall man. He’s literally just a Goff hater. “Hate how he just throws the ball in the dirt whenever he’s in trouble.” Oh, so good fundamentals? Got it.


The last of the holdouts I guess. I didn’t think a Goff hater was even a thing anymore.


They are still around. Check out Netrat’s posting board and Reddit. The diss wheel still spins

This time last year i wanted to draft a QB and thought GOFF was trash.


His contract will be JUST over what Kyler Murry contract is. Maybe over Russell Wilson.

But under Hurts, Allen, Jackson, etc.

Over $45m under $50m per.

The cap is going to be going up 6%-10% EACH YEAR for the next 3 years

Over/Under AAV $48m


I am very much a person who understands everyone has their own opinion, and should be respected for how they feel.

That shit is crazy though.


Leaning toward “Pay the Man”. Save some for JJackson of course.

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Im still hoping he goes The TB12 route, and signs a team friendly deal.

Either way though, we have to keep Goff.


Remember “Team Friendly” deals are just dead money. Look at Jalen Hurts contract. Never really over $20m AAV per year cap hit. But theres like $60m in dead money

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That’s because most people stick to their guns no matter what.

Let me ask you this…let’s say this regime, that I’m sure you are completely bought into, decides their strategy is to roll with Hooker or another rookie in 2025…will you be ok with it? Or will you preach for years they should’ve extended Goff never giving the new guy a fair shot?

I think I know the answer to this scenario. Because most people think they know what’s best and try their hardest to be “right” no matter what…clouding their judgement.

I have changed my mind on extending Goff. Not so much because I think he’s great, but because I believe the guys running the show know what’s best. If they were to decide going another route is best, I’m on board.

For the record, I am 90% sure Goff is their guy. But the fact that we haven’t heard much of extension talk leads me to have slight doubt that they are sold on that being the best decision long term.