Jared Goff helped lift Lions to new heights, but paying him will make it tougher to win

Then there are people like this. Lol. Still thinking Hendon Hooker is are future after 3 years with Goff.

Or if Hooker balls out in the preseason fans will double back and wish we didn’t extend Goff.

Hooker is a cheap back up for 1-3 seasons and could be trade bait depending on how he plays in the preseason in those years.


I think he is the backup, but after potentially 3-4 years of grooming under this regime and Goff (who has had a lot of say in play development) it would be a terrible shame to trade him. He’s not going to command big money if he hasn’t really played much but the team should be top notch and great surroundings for Hooker to step into.

Nah. Just find a Purdy for a couple years.
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The article is written by someone completely ignorant.

Carry on.


Wrong. We already have seen Holmes masterfully manage the cap and draft. What he does next will be copied by the rest of the league.


Geoff’s cap hit the next two seasons are great. Trust in Brad Holmes because he’s earned it.

I’m not a downer and I’ve been one of the biggest Goff supporters but I don’t believe he’s worthy of being the 2nd highest paid QB’s in the league. I think a Drake May, JJ McCarthy or even Michael Penix could have given us more at a fraction of the price…FOR THE NEXT FIVE YEARS.

I think Lions fans will rue the day the Vikes drafted JJ for the next 10-15 years. I think BH is fibbing a little bit when he says Goff was never a bridge QB, a little revisionist history perhaps.

With that said, who am I to question a GM that has had more success evaluating talent in his first three seasons as an executive than most have in a career? I hope to hell I am wrong but I saw where some writer in X said that by the end of next season Goff will be the 4th best QB in the NFC North. This is the off season so I guess it’s the time to throw out the crazy theories during the down time.


By this time next year, Goff will be the reigning league MVP, as well as a Superbowl champion.

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I sure hope so. That would be really nice considering I’ve been on the wagon 40 plus years.

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You got way way way more faith in those rookie QBs than I do. The 2021 draft is all you have to look at to see more than likely the guys you listed won’t work out. JJ went to the best place possible for a rookie QB but I still have my doubts about him as well.

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What if JJ goes to a Super bowl in his first few years. Leads a top 15 of all time offense. Leads four top five offenses in his first eight years goes to multiple Pro Bowls and piles up stats only bettered by Mahomes

Well then he’d be Goff


There are a lot of Packer trolls that are extrapolating from the Lions pre-Holmbell past and they’re butthurt because it’s been minute since they were annual Kings of the North.

Spring is the time for delusional NFL predictions because they can’t be disproven until September. I’ve participated in that a lot over the years.

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He will be the 2nd highest paid for about 10 minutes. Just like when Stafford’s contract came up. Smart move by Holmes.

I think 99% of the football world disagrees with that. I DO think this is a situation that is highly, highly conducive for qb success and extreme development. Goff has grown a shit ton under this tutelage. Still…thinking a rook could do more, or even the same feels off to me. A huge part of our success comes from the brotherhood. Goff has earned his spot among the brotherhood, and unloading him would disrupt the entire locker room and what we have done from a cultural standpoint.

I think JJ gets his ass handed to him 2x/year. :wink: We’ll find out, that’s for sure.

I think that is hilarious!
Also → in Campbell’s first year, he said, “our team doesn’t win with the QB,” in reference to how we win…as a team. You can clearly see how we have taken as much pressure off the qb as humanly possible. We have 3 pro bowlers on the OL, 1 at WR, 1 at TE, + Gibby & Monty!

Goff > Eli …& Eli got 2 of 'em when surrounded by comparable talent.
We are on a fun ride for the next 15 years or so.


Also if rookies are good they get their big contract after three years not ‘FIVE’. Love will be four but he was in unusual situation of being a first round pick that sat for years so they gave him a one year pay bump this year to stave off his mega contract for one more season


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Stunning to me that with the past and present of the NFL absolutely littered with the washed-up careers of once-“promising” young QBs, there’re even a handful of Lions fans who want to roll the dice on the significant improbability that Hendon Hooker will be anywhere near as good as Jared Goff any time soon, if ever.

A guy whose college scheme decidedly did NOT do him any favors in preparation for the NFL. A 2nd-year guy who spent a lot of his first year recovering from a significant injury and therefore had limited PRACTICE time, much less even a preseason game. And some want to put him at the helm of a team that sees its championship-contending window open NOW.

I’m really glad the Lions have HH. I feel better w/him holding the clipboard than when it was Blough. But… to START? Instead of Jared Goff? And to proactively choose that option?



This was my biggest fear. Not everybody can get paid! I’m curious to see how SF handles the situation especially if Brock Purdy balls out after this season. They are going to have to dump salary or find creative ways to fit Purdy’s pay.

I read somewhere Goff’s contract is essentially 3 year deal and although the Lions maybe unable to trade him during the deal, they potentially could cut him year 3???

Who knows what will happen within 3 years. You hope there’s never a drop-off in Goff’s play but you never know. If you do see drop-off in Goff and Hooker continues to improve I could see a similar situation like in GB when the Packers moved on from Rodgers. I could see the Lions doing the same with Goff.