Jared Goff ranks dead last in average pass target yards per completion


Still a better QB rating than 95% of your boyfriend’s seasons.

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Lol ok Forrest. I didn’t write the article it’s killing you Stafford is doing well and your golden boy is being questioned by so many.

And you shouldn’t look at stats they seem to only confuse you. But good news is I’ve seen this before here.

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Why do you always turn it into a gay thing? Sports fans have sports heroes. Stafford was important to a lot of Lions fans. I like you root fit the Rams to lose for draft position but that will change after 'the 22 season. That said I totally get why folks here are excited to see art prospering.

Now as to the initial stat. Some of that is by design, some due to a dearth of downfield options and some due to Goff himself.


He also ranks 7th in first downs, 15th in completion % and has throw less interceptions than Zach Wilson, Trever Lawrence, Joe Burrow, Kyler Murray, Patrick Mahomes Matt Ryan and may others. We are actually tied with Tom Brady for Ints. Oh and he’s playing with the weakest receiving core in the NFL.

Grabbing random stats and tossing them up like somehow that’s an accurate representation of a player is silly. Goff may not be great, but he is good and he manages the game well.


Yeah I’m mean I’ve never seen any one here do that. :thinking:

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And wouldn’t you expect to have a good completion % if your throwing mostly pass under 10 yards ? Check his % on passes over 20yards. And even Ints should be less if your only throwing 10 yards or less. Stats just don’t tell the whole story at times.

Didnt read the article but Im assuming it’s a product of the Oline and the offense as it is for Jared. It’s all connected and can’t be looked at in vacuum.

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That was exactly my point, random stats don’t tell the whole story. I’m glad we can now agree. :wink:


I do agree ,and husker said best there is a few reason this is happening. but the issues that Goff was said to have seem to keep popping up. My biggest goal this year is to have him improve with the issues because he does do some things well , he needs to gett his confidence back so we don’t have to go through the whole rookie QB thing.

He seems to have trouble if his primary receiver isn’t there. He looks lost if he’s forced to go through progressions. Real uncomfortable. Almost like he’s reading from short to long instead of longest to shortest.
And lately I’ve been hearing about the ‘little hands’ thing. Especially in the rain. I don’t know about that one. Sounds rational, I guess, but I don’t really know.


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The biggest criticism I heard about Goff before we acquired him was that he tends to predetermine where he will go with the ball. We’ve seen that in the first few games, where he has passed up easy yards in order to go to his first look. He has to stop doing that. If he can, then he has the other tools to succeed.


And maybe a team concept would help…. You know as it’s a team sport?!

Let’s try it for fun!

Rams: 9th in points per game allowed.

Wait for it…….

Lions are tied for 32nd?! Allowing ten more point for games?!

Swap defenses and who more likely to be 3-0?

I love you guy but that goofy Goff bs Matty thing has become annoying now….

Go out and leave the futon for a few and take a walk in the park or BBQ something listening to your favorite jams!!



Lol… Most of Stafford’s INTs from what I saw with the Lions are short yardage.

Goff is our QB and probably for the short term. If you can’t handle it and can only keep raving about Stafford, why not just keep watching the Stafford instead of Goff?

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Also don’t have a deep receiver and been under a ton of pressure.

This stat should be expected given the situation. Does anyone think, assuming the oline stabilizes and we get a number one receiver (heck even a number two receiver) this split won’t significantly improve?

Who is he throwing to?
Only Joey Harrington had a worse receiving corps.

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Probably the least surprising stat anyone could give. Goff hasn’t lit the world on fire, but he also hasn’t shit the bed IMHO. I could watch a little more of him.
He’s in a really bad position. We can’t win this year. Campbell has to weed out the turds (Collins). And of course, as we all know, this WR core is below mediocre.


His name is Simmons or bust, bro. Of course he turns it into a gay/bi thing. He either wants Simmons or boobs. People always see the world through their own lens. If he has no preference, he sees no reason why anyone else would either.