Jared Goff reflects on Thanksgiving game, looks ahead to Jacksonville


Interesting on the throw he said he threw it where he wanted to but they weren’t on the same page. So frustrating. Without arguing about which player was at fault, those communication gaps have to not happen


Tough to build chemistry and be on the right page when Chark hasn’t played since late September.




That’s Goffs fault, of course.

2 points:

  1. A LOT of pundits and writers take for granted that Jared made a bad throw. For the first time (that I’ve heard) he’s explicitly saying here that he didn’t: “I threw it where I wanted to.”

  2. It almost surely wasn’t a “communication problem.” The play is one in which they both needed to read the situation in the same way and come to the same conclusion. When they look at the film, the coaches will say that there was ONE correct read on the play. One of them messed up. I think it’s MUCH more likely that the WR messed up than that the QB messed up there. Goff commands the offense; Chark does not and I think that accounts in part for the lack of success between them all year.


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