Jared Goff thrived on the quick passing game in 2023

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This is where Goff’s playing style hurts him in terms of perception. But it also exposes bad metrics and people who don’t understand what they are looking at. The amount of time Goff takes to throw the ball doesn’t mean he is constantly throwing super short routes. Goff is an anticipation thrower that challenges the defense down field often. Goff reads the defense quickly and believes in the concept of “get the ball out of your hands and into the hands of the playmakers.” He will throw the ball early and take something off of it rather than hold the ball and try to drive the ball to the receiver. The QBs who hold the ball and try to drive the ball “look way cooler” than a guy like Goff who makes it look easy by trusting his eyes and releasing the ball early.


He didn’t have a choice, Jared was pressured in what 2.5 seconds last season not alot of time to hesitate, he has to read the defense, read the field and decide who he’s going to target each and every snap…what is the optimal play and HOW he is going to throw it and with what kind of velocity or touch. Goff had to learn how to make it work so it paid off, so he ranked as one of the best QB’s in the league.


The amount of times he threw it well before the route matured was something I’ve never seen as a Lions fan.

Thats not a shot at Stafford. It’s a nod to the kizmet that Goff and BJ have


Quick strikes are determined before the play. Goff’s intelligence is a huge part of his game. Sure he’s got a noodle arm… but he’s got a little Peyton Manning in him.

And that is an amazing compliment before the mob comes.


I just compared Goff to a hall of famer @Bols and ur pooping on me. Lol ur lucky I love you bud.

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Slip of the finger

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This is like reading an article that says “Goff thrived in the running game”. It’s like the twilight zone with fans, media, and especially here when it comes to Goff. Does anyone watch the games? No one can be truthful about the guy.

Jared Goff is a good QB, but he isn’t the player fans/media pretend he is. It’s like saying Tom Brady had a cannon for an arm, was a gunslinger, and runs a 4.3. He’s the GOAT but he isn’t any of those things.

I’ve never seen a player look better with twisted stats than Jared Goff. There is nothing quick about him, or this offense. In fact, their offense plays take time to develop. It’s like sure, there are some designed quick plays, or designed deep throws, but one screen pass doesn’t mean this QB or offense are screen pass experts.

Goff holds on to the ball too long, and is one of the slowest throwers I’ve ever seen. To be fair, like I said, most plays take a while to develop, and Goff is always all about that first read.

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Hahaha…I love reading your tantrums whenever something positive is written about Goff.



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Just because the highlight real isnt sexy and he doesn’t win your fantasy league doesnt mean hes not a GREAT qb!

Goff makes great reading progressions!
He makes accurate on time throws!
Do those throws look great with a tight spiral? Absolutely NOT, but doesn’t matter. On time on target.

Does he throw 30+ yard bombs? Not really, but does he make 30+ yard plays? Absolutely!
I couldn’t care less if a 40 yard catch is all YAC or all YBC. Its still a 40 yard catch. And goff is top 5 in the nfl for 25+ yard plays!

Its so funny to me that in college we all know theres different qb systems and accept that. But for the NFL all of a sudden we forget that and keep trying to compare qbs with completely different styles


The National Football League has been here long before I was born in (1973) I’m 51 now----so it had to be started 60-65 years ago -bare minimum- but @CatholicNinja the league always kept track of stats-every season, every game, every player, every team, every play, every point. AND individual stats for each and every player that ever played in the NFL, SO your trying to tell us…that in The HISTORY of The NFL—ONLY Jared Goff’s stats are and I quote “Twisted” according to you?


lol. Well I guess reality is overrated :crazy_face:


Goff is CLEARLY the best QB we’ve ever had in Detroit in my lifetime.


All you have to do is listen to the receivers that have come into this offence talk about the precise route running and timing required.
The plays are designed exactly the way they are executed. Goff knows St. Brown, LaPorta, Gibbs, or any of his trusted pass catchers are going to be exactly where they are supposed to be exactly when they are supposed to be there. What do these guys expect? That Goff should hold the ball longer and disrupt the timing of the play?
Longer plays are either a deep shot that takes time to develop or the opposing defense has done their job with good coverage. Either way the completion percentage is going to be lower.
The quick passing game is by design. Mix that in with an oline that enables our running backs to bust the defense in the teeth and it’s very hard to defense.
Let them keep trying to justify the Goff is a middle of the pack quarterback. I want him to have that chip on his shoulder when he leads us to the Super Bowl.


Since 2017 qb PASSING stats.

Goffs stats look pretty damn good to me

As for people complaining about the deep ball?
Goff has a higher air yards per catch than,
Mahomes, Burrow, Love, Rodgers and Lawrence

And has 4th highest completion percentage of plays over 20 yards.

Top 10 in on target / bad throws.

And 2nd best in sack%
And thats not JUST the oline thats having great pocket awareness


People want to over-amplify some things and ignore others in my opinion.

What gets ignored - Goff carries out fakes as well as I have ever seen it done by a QB qt any level. The fakes, at times looking off defenders, and misdirection.

That stuff is VERY underrated. A good fake can clear out an entire passing lane and we see it multiple times/week.

Goff’s deep-deep ball isn’t fantastic. Someone posted a thread called 60 minutes of Goff highlights. One thing that jumped out is that on the majority of the deep-deep balls, the receiver had to stop and wait, slow down, or even come back to many of them (over 60%) That said…who gives a shit? As long as it’s effective, who cares.

As long as our guy is handsome and we are winning, I’m good.

Goff basically needs to load up to throw the big play, isn’t very mobile, and doesn’t do extremely well off script.

He is VERY accurate on short, mid, and mid-long routes.
He is best in biz with fakes and misdirection
He had developed NICELY as a leader
He has good pocket presence and is good at throwing the ball away/not taking sacks

Yes! Our team is built to protect him and accentuate his strengths both in terms of strategy and physicality.

Love our guy


Goff is ELITE with the Play action and fakes. Thats what made Brady and Payton so good.
And elite pocket awareness of knowing when and where the pressure is coming from.

You dont see that stuff on a highlight real. But thats ELITE stuff. Do you know whose not great at that? Josh allen, Trevor Lawrence, lamar Jackson. Hence why they get BOUNCED out of the playoffs because good teams figure out that weakness really quick


I agree. But the play action is so successful because we have an outstanding oline and rushing attack. 50 rushing TD’s the past 2 seasons. If I’m playing linebacker vs the Lions good luck not buying play action fakes when you know they average 25 TD’s on the ground. Next thing you know LaPorta and St. Brown are wide open. Hard to defend. The Lions can beat you in a variety of ways.


damn straight