Jared Goff will not regress!

Jared Goff regress on the Rams because he was a one trick pony. McVay was in his headset giving him the play because he couldn’t read defenses. Well, that isn’t the case anymore. One of Goff’s biggest weaknesses cannot be exploited because he has full control of the offense and the ability and leadership to change plays at the line. Something that he was not afforded on the Rams.

Listen, defense have had 7 years of game tape on Goff, and yet, he has his best season ever. Goff has never gone more than half a season without an interception on the Rams, that was simply unheard off. The very fact the Rams traded Goff was because he led the league in interceptions and fumbles—and now he leads the league in the least number of turnovers is quite a stark contrast.

Jared Goff is only starting to hit his prime. His only weakness now is that he not good under pressure, but much better at picking up blitz. He has address majority of all of his weaknesses. He much betters at reading defenses, going to his reads, throwing balls aways, not taking sacks, running outside of the pocket to escape (slightly better), pump faking (once in a while), and just being effective overall.

I have no doubt that next year, Goff will be slinging the rock to Jamison like he did with Cook. Pinpoint deep bomb accuracy.

McVay would never trade Goff if he was this good. Hence after 2018, he extended Goff, and this version of Goff is the best (so far) and will continue to improve.


Had Stafford played a whole season this year he would have lead the league in turnovers. There’s something in the McVay offense that doesn’t work if conditions aren’t perfect.


He’s playing awesome. Can definitely win a lot of football games with the dude.

The biggest key here though as it relates to Goff’s success is the Oline. It’s a pretty good one. Hopefully the Lions continue to keep that unit intact. Do what they need to do with J Jackson, Decker to keep them around whenever they come due. Look to add a solid RG via the draft


They won a Super Bowl in their first year together. The conditions weren’t perfect.

Can we please stop this?

It will never not be weird to see Lions fans, of all ■■■■■■■ fanbases, criticizing a team that literally won a Super Bowl a year ago.


Goff folds under pressure. Best oline in NFL keeps him clean, so he looks amazing right now. If oline has a bad game don’t expect Goff to elevate the offense like a Mahomes or Allen can do


You are talking about 1 probably hof qb in homes and allen who is great but has some to prove for that push…he has played great …you are talking about 2 quarterbacks that are the best with hof aspirations…your argument is kind of silly


I agree with the overall premise that Goff will not regress.
I’ve called him a bridge since the day the trade was made, so when I say what I do here, it’s having been persuaded by Goff’s words and play.

Keys to his improvement:

  1. It begins with his own aptitude and attitude, so when we list the other things here, don’t take it as a slight.
  2. Comfort in the pocket, established by some of the league’s best players.
  3. (Which is more of 2) Trust in his teammates, shown by learning to step up in the pocket and not drift back into trouble.
  4. Confidence in the playcaller and play designs.
  5. Understanding. Ben Johnson has been credited by numerous players for being an EXCELLENT teacher. (his best attribute). The impact of that teaching ability is that is produces confidence in the QB when he grasps the “why’s” of the “what’s” they’re doing. This is the biggest difference between McVay and Johnson, it would seem. (look at yesterday’s post-game presser to hear this from Goff himself)
  6. MCDC is electric. The fearlessness with which he coaches has infused a certain amount of energy into each of his players, Goff chief among them.

There is no “biggest key”, IMO. And there is no regression, either. Yesterday’s helmet-speaker fiasco didn’t rattle Goff in the slightest. Buddy has a genuine feel for what’s going on out there and what’s expected of him.



I really think you are correct here.

I don’t think Holmes and Campbell will stop investing in the O-line at all.

I think they pay Jonah… and soon.
They will certainly lock up Sewell as early as possible.
And… I think they keep extending Decker.
Drafting a OG this year and re-signing Brown wouldn’t surprise me at all.

I could see a OG in the 2nd round if they feel the value is right.


This is true, but we are pretty good at keeping him clean.
… and it’s pretty hard to upgrade from Goff. He’s fighting harder these days too.

This is what I’ve said since we first acquired him → he’s gonna be good enough to be controversial.
My biggest positive on him was the Buffalo game! He stood well under fire against THAT defense.

In the playoffs, nearly every team will be able to get pressure.
I feel he will SHRED most teams in regular season (especially next year).
Only in playoffs do we truly know where the team is at.


I totally agree with your main points. AND I wonder: how did you come to the conclusion that Goff’s “only weakness now he’s not good under pressure”? Because that’s actually spectacularly untrue, which makes me think you’re simply parroting a standard talking point about him. (No offense.)

The most recent stats I can find on QB rating under pressure is from mid-December and, according to them (Next Gen Stats), Goff was the 6th-highest ranked QB under pressure. And I’m pretty sure his rating has only gone up in the games since. I’m not finding that stat on the Next Gen site itself.

So. Actually, my eyes and those stats say that, far from a weakness, performance under pressure is actually a strength for Jared Goff relative to other QBs. Better under pressure than Mahomes, Rodgers, Brady, Stafford, Prescott, etc. (He also has one of the best ratings when blitzed.)

What reason do you have for calling it a weakness?


Are we going to keep running these pass pro concepts with built in run game disguise in our fronts? If so, that OG needs to have some serious range. Brown’s a damn good athlete and even he can’t get out to the end when he’s assigned the opposite side edge rusher off of a pull.

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Complete and utter nonsense. Frankly.

Highest passer rating under pressure in 2022 (Next Gen Stats):

He actually ranks 6th-best of 30+ QBs under pressure as of mid-December.

I guess it’s good news when the only serious criticisms folks can offer are the ones they make up.


Unfortunately, he not good behind a bad O-line. This is what I mean by under pressure. With a strong O-lines, Goff is top 10 and border top 5, but with a bad O-lines, Goff is close to the bottom of the barrel.

But this is an easy fix. Always address in O-lines. Brady have had good O-lines for most of his career.

My hope is that Goff continues to improve with reading defenses and with multi-read so even when the Lions only have an average O-line, Goff is still just as efficient.

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Well, then, it’s a good thing that Goff feasts on pressure!

Ever wonder how people “know” what they think they know, Natty?

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I see Brown as the “bridge” OG and backup interior guy… but I think they will value him enough to pay for that role.

I still don’t think the Lions are going to be shopping for top outside free agents… I think they will re-sign many of their own… and keep building in draft.

Chark, Brown, Cominsky, Buggs, Elliott, and maybe a few others will be the guys I think they try to re-sign before they hit the open market… though I guess Chark’s voiding deal may make him free earlier than the others IIRC…


I think Brown’s value is also buoyed by Ragnow health concerns.
Cur Vaitai, resign Brown and draft an OG does seem like the prudent path forward.


Well he’s rarely under pressure here. Book has been out on Goff for a while. If everything is perfect around him and you keep him clean he’s a solid QB. But get pressure and he will get rattled. He’s not making a bunch of off script plays or throwing into tight windows. Lions have good run game and Goff has all day in pocket to go through progressions and find open receivers

Honestly most mediocre QBs would look great in this offense because it has no real weaknesses when healthy


NO QB is good behind a bad OL. There’s no reason to think Goff is worse behind a bad OL than any other QB.

What the “pressure” stats measure isn’t the strength of the OL, but the performance of the QB in those passing plays when he’s under pressure. And Goff is actually VERY GOOD under pressure relative to almost every other QB in the league.


I agree last what 4 or 5 weeks biggest thing i noticed is he steps up into that pocket being a mess or clean…yes we have a good oline …he did the same thing with practice squad guards…he is no longer playing scared…will he tuck and run for 50 …no …thats not his game. To me ive been pleasantly surprised with goff. Playoffs or not he is a lion


it usually comes from defending a story that their ego is attached to. :wink:
Truth is…
What we know… .01% of all info
What we know we don’t know…1.9% of all info
We don’t know what we don’t know 98% of all info

This is why it is important not to judge.
I can see you are a Goff supporter (like me).
I can see Goff improving on a weekly basis, both in leadership and in performance.

This coaching staff has helped Goff IMMENSELY in handling pressure better, as well as alleviating pressure from him. Things are going well.

Yes to this. Build this sombitch through the draft, re-sign your own guys.

  1. Best for culture.
  2. Best for salary cap
  3. Best for future.
  4. Already bought in
  5. Larger window of opportunity.

Holmes will keep this trend moving forward.