Jared Goff wins the FedEx Air Player of the Week honor


Hmmm. Pro Bowl alternate and now this.
I can’t wait until he gets good.


We got a top 5 offense and Jamo has played 20 snaps so far in his career…just wait!!


The wait is over, my brother!
We’re the most dangerous team in the NFL.
The only thing we may have to wait for is a shot at the crown.
If only we could have gotten Chark, JRey, and Jamo back 3 weeks earlier.


Haha love the optimism… I was meaning more like just wait until Jamo develops with a full offseason and the chemistry with Goff is built. This offense is going to be lethal next year. The entire unit is coming back basically. Who are we losing? Maybe Chark?


He sucks we need a real QB

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I doubt it. He’s putting up numbers, now.
We need to keep the band together. Chark, Jamo, and Raymond give us the fastest WR corps in the NFL.
Concentrate on a couple of them and Sun God or Swift will make you pay.
Then, we have the Cerberus in the backfield. Swaggy, Swift, Jackson.

For reference;
“In Greek mythology, Cerberus (/ˈsɜːrbərəs/; Greek: Κέρβερος Kérberos [ˈkerberos]), often referred to as the hound of Hades, is a multi-headed dog that guards the gates of the Underworld to prevent the dead from leaving.”

Maybe BJ?

Chark will be back. If memory serves he had a 3 yr deal, with yrs 2-3 being voidable by the Lions. I want to say he’s only at $6 mill or $6.5 mill next yr.

Id link to it, it was one of numerous podcasts talking about it, fwiw

It’s possible, especially if we run the table. I really think he’ll be back for at least 1 more year though. He hasn’t even been calling plays for a year yet. Huge jump to running an entire team by yourself.


I just get real nervous paying guys with injury histories as long as Chark’s. Feel the same about Swift, who only 1 has more year on his contract.

For that price, sure! But, he got 10 mill this year. And he’s starting to catch fire late in the season.

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Oh, he’s gonna get reeeeaaal good
Wait’ll they have another year of experience and another draft class, AND even more confidence.

SHit is about to gt very, very real…very, very quickly!

Exactly. Our offense is gonna get a lot better & that is only one reason why .


Sewell and St. Brown are still youngsters is another main reason! Year 3 they are both going to be even better!


Half the team is still waiting to hit puberty.
Wait’ll this Hutchinson guy hits puberty, man! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!


I too don’t think Ben Johnson will be gone this year, though there is precedent with Mike Daniels in the role of offensive brainiac turned head coach. He might have the chops to be a head coach. I think he’d be well served spending a five year apprenticeship under Danimal like Danimal did under Payton.


Must be good coaching because this team is suppose to be lacking talent all over.

So true!
You how Schwartz felt about Best?
James Houston!
All of the sudden, we have a Dline!
I really feel like we could win the Super Bowl with the team as is, this year. “IF” we get to the playoffs.
Add the 23 draft class. Hello NFL! You may have forgotten about us, but, we haven’t forgotten about you all.


Hahahahaha! Love that!


You guys are making run out of likes in one thread. Football viagra!! Woohoo!!

If we can get a stud OG in the third and find a stud RB in the draft this could make the Greatest Show on Turf look like an aging snail breeding terrarium.

Yes I know snails are asexual…like me.


I wouldnt agree with the premise that they were bottom of league talent wise, probably low level but expectations coming into the year to be as good as they have been would have been foolish. There was just so much youth that you dont expect them to develop or hit that much… but hell here we are