Jarrad Davis ranked worst LB by PFF

I’m not a big pff guy but this is kinda concerning…

He cant play the run and he cant play pass defense even on TE. So far he has been terrible.

Against the Chiefs he was awful. Every time something bad happened there was #40 stumbling around.

Once he’s back to form and we get some bodies back on the DL he’ll be fine… Not saying he’ll be great but he will me good at minimum, can only go up. Hope his sprain isn’t lingering like a high ankle sprain can.

That matches what the eye tells you.

In his defense, he’s clearly not 100%.

At the same time, it’s painful to watch.

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This play kind of infuriated me last week.

yea I saw that live and was like…what? I get you’re shadowing him but maybe fake a blitz or something? make mahomes rush the pass?

I think he’s best suited to be a pass rusher. run blitz him if you have to but he has a tendancy to hit the wrong hole, so tell him specifically where to go.

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Yeah, I get he was a spy, but we may as well have just put 10 guys on the field there. At least wave your arms or yell profanities at Mahomes. Not 1 calorie burned on that play.

In fact, I think we probably blow the Chiefs out if we got even mediocre play our of our MLB Sunday.

I wonder if they’d be better off putting Tavai at MLB AND KICKING JD to the outside? Tavai already looks like the superior talent.


Quite frankly, I’m shocked that Jarrad Davis was able to return that quickly. The injury originally looked like a season ender. The fact that he’s back so soon (maybe TOO soon), was a total surprise.

Hopefully, the time off between now and the bye brings him closer to 100%.


Apparently, we weren’t the only ones:

He has played two games coming off an injury that severely hampers mobility. Lets see how the next 12 games go.

I think this will happen more as the year progresses and Hawaiian Punch will be the starter in the middle next season.

JD will be fine. I expect him to have a good day vs. GB.

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Tavai has barely been playing lol… he played 14 snaps last game and 20 the week before.

I am no Davis fan, but Tavai certainly doesn’t look better than Davis and Tavai isn’t playing much for a reason.

Honestly, I thought that was the plan
If not, why bother drafting him in the second?
I suppose, similar to what we’ve seen with Ragnow, we’ll see this next year

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It’s probably very situational. Tavai seems like a run thumper. Davis seems like a blitzer. I don’t think either is excellent at coverage, maybe leaving that to CBs or safeties.

Both these guys got to be more than situational to justify they’re draft position no?

Tavai had a nice sack in the first game and 8 tackles in the Chargers game, he was all over the place. So yes, in Davis’ absence he was pretty impressive. I know he hardly played in the last two games. Thats what the discussion is about.


I hear what you’re saying, but it seems like the way this defense is designed, they are trying to make everyone situational.

I wonder if they’re starting to get too smart for themselves, but honestly I can’t complain about the results. Take away the brain fart of not tackling the fumble recoverer and we held them to under 30.