Jaylen Waddle is Odell Beckham

People always say “if I had a redo, I would take X player.” Well, here is every teams redo. This isn’t me lobbying to get him, I’m just pointing out something I am seeing on film.


I can see that. I actually think he’s even shifter with better top end speed. Seems a little smaller but I do like the comp.

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Dude is fast as lightning. Gonna be a hell of a pro.

BTW I do t think the Lions will keep Golliday, and I’m in no way proposing they do this - but if you teamed Golliday up with a field stretcher like Waddle? Then had Hock working the middle of the field with Swift coming outta the backfield? I bet Goff looks like a keeper with those weapons :flushed:


If we dial it down I think Waddle looks a hair more physically capable, but Beckham has hands that are off the charts special.

Agreed. I saw Waddle make an awesome catch on a bomb (I think it was against Arkansas) in which he went airborne, fully extended and got smashed by the DB yet still held on. Waddle’s definitely got good hands but Odell is definitely out of this world with some of the impossible catches.

I’d be elated if we could trade down, add some picks and pick Waddle.


I misremembered. It was against Missouri.

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If he hadn’t gotten hurt he may have won the Heisman. He was off to that kind of start and Smith really took off after Waddle went out.

How does he compare to Ruggs? Is he clearly better or about the same? He looks stronger than Ruggs but not quite as fast.

Ask yourself how Odell Beckham compares to Ruggs. Thats honestly the closest answer.

Personally I think he’s twice the receiver Ruggs is. He’s not quite as fast (but he’s close) but does everything else better.

Agreed. He’s a much better player than Ruggs and even though he’s slower than Ruggs, Waddle is still supposed Toruń a 4.33 forty.

Some great highlight reels. I’m SOLD!!

Wait, aren’t Alabama players difficult to evaluate, because they have NFL talent everywhere on the field? Guess that only applies to certain players. Lol


Looks like some freak-nasty shit. I’m all in on bringing in a dude like this. I wanna trade back and get this monster RB everyone was talking about the other day, and one of the top WRs. Then BPA with a heavy lean toward DL (especially DT) and OL.

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I see you are still struggling with the concept of some players being harder to evaluate vs being impossible to evaluate (that you made up in your head).

You sound upset.

You know, I bet for a 4th round pick…

Too much of a body catcher to be compared to OBJ.

I will say I would do it. I saw one of the recent mock draft having the Lions take Waddle and I’d love it. That’s my pick right now.

Here’s from Daniel Jeremiah:

Where he needs to improve: Waddle has outstanding raw tools, but he needs more polish as a route runner. He relies more on pure speed to get open than on setting up defenders and dropping his weight to efficiently get in/out of breaks. He also needs to improve his consistency as a pass catcher. He allows too many balls to get into his body and occasionally fails to adjust to poorly thrown balls down the field. With his targets expected to increase this fall now that Jeudy and Ruggs have moved on to the NFL (and with defenses forced to respect teammate DeVonta Smith, whom I recently compared to Hall of Famer Marvin Harrison), I believe Waddle will gain more confidence and become more consistent.