Jeff gladney

Espn just reported that he was found not guilty of assault stemming from a domestic violence situation. A former first round draft pick by the Vikings. If you’re the lions do you make a call?

I’d bring him in and interrogate the shit out him, and then make a decision.

If he’s truly innocent, the truth will appear. The key will be in the details.

Being that was he was not a good player before all this, I wouldn’t even bother.


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He was a turd before the draft.

Even if he is actually innocent on this occasion…
do we want a sketchy character in the locker room at this stage of the process?


Trial has concluded already. He was found not guilty.

And… does that mean he really didn’t do it???

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N. T. Z.

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I’m just glad the Lions weren’t interested.

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Means he was tried and found not guilty. What else could he have done to prove his innocence?

Paid hush money so it never saw the light of day?

It relates back to the Micah Parsons stuff from last year. How many here thought he was a turd because the stuff he was linked to.

How did that turn out?

I know nothing about Gladney’s case outside of the articles that came out yesterday. He was tried and found not guilty.

We got a better player whose career will likely last longer.

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It turned out to be a nothing burger and the player wins DPOY.

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The accusation was made by his ex-girlfriend after a fight they had.

He had promised to give her $50 to get her hair cut. She looked on his phone and saw that he had been texting another woman so she transferred $100 from his cash app to her phone while he was loading her items in his truck for her. Planning to take them to her apartment.

When he got in his truck he realized she had been on his phone. An argument broke out and he demanded to see her phone.

She alleged he drove off and while he was driving he beat her for two full hours (while driving around) and she couldn’t escape.

Known facts:

  1. As they neared her apartment she leaped from the vehicle.
  2. He bumped into a parked car. She jumped from his truck. Grabbed her by the shirt but then let go. (Or she got away)
  3. She ran to a car full of woman and they let her in their car and she called the police who arrived a lengthy time later. He had left the scene by then and she told her side of the story.
  4. A jury heard both sides and has found him not guilty.

In order to find him not guilty there couldn’t have been much evidence to support her story. Meaning no marks, bruises, etc.

If an NFL player actually beat her for two full hours wouldn’t there be some evidence?

I believe that charges were not brought against him for assault until after she filed a civil case against him seeking more than 1m in damages. Not 100% sure on that part but I think that’s accurate.

My opinion is that she realized she had lost her bread and butter NFL player. Got mad and looked to get some exit money out of it.


Thx for posting the information.

Still waiting to hear from others as to what else is he supposed to do to prove his innocence?

I don’t like Jeff Gladney as a football player.

So no.

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