Jeff Okudah 5th year option

The projected 5th year option for Okudah is $11,323,000. The current 16th highest paid CB is $13M APY and 32nd is $7M. The exercise period is from 01/23 to 05/23. Do you exercise the option?

  • Pay the Man his Money
  • Get to Steppin

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If AO has another 5-6 pick year, Okudah might be cheaper next year than AO lol

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I think we’d all have a lot more confidence in making that decision post-01/23, but since we’re voting now, I’m sticking with him.


I’d hope to have both on solid deals. Neither one of them is a true 1 but both solid 1bs

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Based on the information we have right now I would say no.

His play doesn’t warrant it and he’s an injury concern.

I’d sign AO and look to the draft.


It’s kinda like Goff with me alittle early to judge but it’s looking really really good so far.


Based on how he is trending, absolutely!
Obviously another injury changes things, but if he continues to progress, it’s a no brainer.


:+1: :+1:

If it’s close, you reward the kids work ethic.


Yup - I believe in him. If he stays healthy, he’ll be a very nice piece for us…
that’s what she said, anyway…


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So do the four people that voted for not exercising the 5th year option on Okudah want to change their vote?


I have been pretty vocal in him being a big player for us this year and I’m seeing it on the field.

I gotta see Okudah stay healthy this season before making that decision.


Has he even allowed 100 yards in the three games combined?


I still think based on the available info we have right now that you can’t. I definitely wouldn’t sign him to more than a one year extension either.

11 mil is a lot for a guy who is hasn’t been healthy a full season.

Currently right now he’s 34th in the league in receptions allowed…. Meh… He has zero INT’s, Zero sacks and has created zero turnovers. If I showed you those stats without giving you the name would you want that player for 11 mil?…. No one would.

Think of it this way. Rasul Douglas for Green Bay was signed midyear off Arizona’s practice squad out of necessity. He started and posted a 77.2 coverage grade on the season which ranked him top 10. Douglas also racked up five interceptions (two pick-sixes) and seven pass breakups in 13 starts. He got a three-year, $21 million extension with the Packers. Those are far better numbers than anything Okudah has ever done and he’s costing GB far less than the 5th year option would be on Okudah.

I am impressed that Okudah has been as effective as he has. I honestly wasn’t expecting anything from him. Pleasantly surprised but Achilles injuries are nagging. They often flare up and create problems. Usually ending a players career within 3 years of his original injury. The odds are still very much against him.

He has a lot more to prove.

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Okudah was never known for his playmaking. Is this PFF stats that some guy in India made up? I really don’t have much positive to say about anything from PFF. I guess it’s good for entertainment value.

I guess you didn’t watch the game

My post was pro-Okudah. Well I guess other than saying he was never really a playmaker so his lack of interceptions and sacks shouldn’t be a surprise.

My bad, I’m a little slow sometimes.

Okudah had an awful injury, but it sure looks like he works his butt off. You can rehab almost any injury with a work ethic like that. He’s the opposite of a Charles Rogers, breaks his collarbone, so he goes how and smokes weed and plays video games. Work is what has brought Okudah’s career back on track. I think even if he has a setback, and I hope he doesn’t, he wouldn’t give up. That’s not who he is.