Jeff Okudah offers a promising video update on his injury recovery


It is a few days away from the beginning of April. Training camp doesn’t start for about 4 months. This does not look like a guy who will be limited in any capactiy by the start of training camp. This looks like a guy who is hungry as hell and ready to prove his doubters wrong and shock the world.

I know I’ve said this before, but I expect big things from this kid this year.


Great to see him moving like he is. He is really moving his feet and sinking his hips very impressive this early in recovery


Am I crazy to be stuck on the idea of him becoming a Safety I know it wouldnt be right away they will do there best to have him excell at CB and rightfully so.I just cant get the images of him getting toasted out of my head I wish him all the best and hope he kicks ass this year and stays healthy.

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That is really good news. He passes the eye test for just 6 months since his injury. Gotta believe he’ll be a full go at training camp.


Hopefully the kid can stay healthy and perform to his draft position.

I am not a Jeff Okudah fan.

With that said, he looks FANTASTIC! I’m actually excited for this young man after seeing this! I’m pulling for him.


He is one of the worst draft picks in NFL history. UDFA rookie Jerry Jacobs looked better than Okudah ever had. No one would have any sort of hope for him if he weren’t a 3rd overall pick.

It was a pathetic pick at the time and it’s even worse now. Thankfully the clown who drafted him got fired and Brad Holmes won’t make such moronic picks like taking a garbage CB at 3OA.

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I think most people are willing to give more than 48 snaps with the new coaches…I’m pulling for him and think he will succeed here.


I can’t help but root for the guy. He just goes about his business and keeps grinding. These are the people I want to see succeed. I hope his string of shitty luck has ended.


4.7 speed???

Forget the draft status, just hope he can be a productive player and stay healthy.


Agreed! Love to get a full year out of him to really see what he can do.


I’m a little disheartened to see him practicing like a CB. I think his real chance at success is moving to FS.

  1. He wasn’t that fast to begin with and with the injury he’s not likely to get any faster (likely slower).

  2. He was at his best when he was peaking into the backfield, something a FS gets to do on most every play.


He seems to be moving pretty well.
Thanks for sharing.

Like you, I have been banging the drum for converting him to safety.

Maybe they’ll move him to Safety when they draft Sauce!

His natural position was safety. They moved him to CB in HS because it was a premium position and he could do it. I think he likes safety better, and I think he’d be better at safety. He’s always been a good tackler and doesn’t have the twitchiness to an outside CB, and the achilles will only magnify that.

A long time ago, I said he’d be a better safety than CB and got alot of pushback, which is fine. Anyway, putting him at S is not a new idea.


“Ranked as the nation’s No. 1 safety and measuring at 6’1” and 190 pounds, Okudah is expected by some to look and play more like a safety or an outside linebacker—and less like a cornerback. After all, Okudah played rover as a sophomore in high school, lining up at both safety and outside linebacker"


I think a lot of us have after watching his rookie year. He’s always given me Malcom Jenkins vibes.