Jeff Risdon on Edge for Draft

Lions reportedly aren’t considering an EDGE at pick 6, this is a link to part of his interview yesterday.

What do you guys think about that…. Very interesting…


With Hutch, Houston and Pascal it makes sense. DT or CB make the most sense.


I really believe if Jalen Carter doesn’t fall, Lions will try and trade back if they want a CB. My opinion is Anthony Richardson will be the 6 pick…


AR would be an interesting pick at 6. They have been building a run-pass balance play action offense with BJ and Goff that is successful. The best use of AR would be out of shotgun to take advantage of RPO

It would be reinventing an offense that’s already top five. Right now it seems the Lions are taking advantage of defenses that have adapted to pass happy offenses by playing more nickel, and fielding lighter cover LBers. The Lions have invested in Oline and with play action the run game has far more options than out of the gun

AR would basically toss all that out the window to go back to a pass first RPO offense. Sure it’s all the rage at the moment, but we would go from finally being the team that’s ahead of the curve to a team once against chasing trends

Goff, by the way, graded as the best play action QB in the league. I would wager the Lions would be more prone to draft Dijon over AR


It would also be a career risk for Holmes. If you draft a QB at six they will be playing by year two. Period. Hard stop

You aren’t going to pay someone 30 million to be a backup that you might trade. If they draft AR at 6OA he will be the next Lions QB. End of story

It would force their hand to trade or let Goff walk, and before that would welcome all kinds of QB controversy. Every bad to marginal play would create a cacophony of howling for AR regardless of whether he is ready or not

If they traded Goff or let him walk and AR stayed the inaccurate, often injured, inconsistent QB he was in college and Goff continues to play at a Pro Bowl level it would be a giant misstep by Holmes. Not sure he wants to put his credibility on display so brazenly while we are finishing our rebuild


I heard this I will also say same guy said no way Lions take a QB early either.

They will IMO look to trade down or they may take the top CB on there board.
They may take RB at 18.

they need a #1 CB who they can put on outside an say cover this side. They will not help that CB very often. That leaves them able to help with the safeties the other areas.

Rush QB an have half covered with your top CB.


The way I read his post was that the Lions were going to trade pick 6 where the team we trade with will take AR at 6.
We’re trading back for a CB.
I’m not buying that either. Why take the chance of your target being snagged by one of the teams now drafting between 7 and wherever?
3 or 4 picks higher than the “projection” is not a reach. You take your guy and prepare for 18.


Word. That would be a great scenario

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If Witherspoon is there at 6, you jump with both feet and let the QB sweepstakes play out after us.
Sometimes, we just try to over complicate things. Just take the guy you want. The rest will sort itself out.


The more I think about things the more I suspect this will be the pic. it fits a lot of needs. Is the exact kind of player that Holmes loves.


In the trade back scenario, you risk someone taking your second choice because your first choice wasn’t there.
That’s a great way to wind up with your 3rd or 4th choice.
There are basically 10 position groups, and each has a “BPA”. If the best DT is out of the picture, what’s wrong with taking the best Corner?


I’m equally happy with Gonzalez or Witherspoon. I’d love to trade back to 9. One of both will still be there


Just depends on how the Lions feel about the CBs available. If Gonzalez and Withespoon are equal… why not trade back?

Also I don’t think AR even goes in the 1st round.


Unless they move back a couple spots, panthers and falcons will look for QB, so if the plan was CB you get your guy and a second or third on top…

I could make the SAME argument drafting Dijon or Gonzalez at #6, as I could at #18, for either player. Am pretty sure this thought has crossed Brad’s mind as well, if he truly believes Dijon is a “Generational Back”, whatever that definition means. Today, that may be defined as the “Best”, at the individual player’s position in the last 5 years for running backs, generally speaking.

I would speculate Holmes has to weigh, what is the likelihood Bijon will be available at #18? Will some other NFL team draft Bijon between #7 & #17? Phil? A REAL Risk, IMO. If Bijon gets by Phil at #10, there will be much less risk some other team will draft Bijon prior to #18, baring unforseen trades.

Therefore, IMO, Holmes would be better advised to take the “Best” CB in his eyes, assuming he goes the CB route, crosses his fingers, Bijon will still be on the board at #18, assuming Phil goes in another direction besides RB at #10, likely, but not guaranteed. In summary, it’s virtually certain Holmes will take at least 1 CB in the 1st Round, either at #6 without a trade down or hopefully with a trade down a few places, all the way to #18.

Dream Outcome if Holmes is determined to acquire Bijon is a CB & Bijon in Round One, order unimportant. Whether you prefer Witherspoon or Gonzalez or Porter is individual taste. I prefer Gonzalez, less handsy/PI at the NFL level, IMO. Bijon’s attributes could be similar to Gurley in Holmes’s mind. TBD.

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I get the idea that Philly could take the RB at 10 Its possible I think we need the CB first the one we hope becomes #1 an cuts the field in half . He covers half sure he will get beat this is the pros but if he makes it difficult thats what you need.

I would be ok if we get are CB depends on what we get for the move down. But the RB Jahmyr Gibbs would be second choice at 18 an whatever we get for moving down.

To move down just a couple will based on chart value a rd 3 pick now if its couple teams I would want a rd 3 an rd 4 I wish we had a rd 4 pick .I have always though carries more value than rd 3.

Rs 3 is near end second day but 4 is start of day 3. You can get a good look how draft has gone. Someone slips you like can get in rd 4 even adding rd 3 the next year to move up.

I’ve been saying that for months.
Frankly, if you’re thinking about drafting a QB this year, you’d be better off looking at Minchew or Rush, than any QB in this draft.
There! I said it.


If you have a shot at a generational talent, and you don’t take him because of tradition, you’re stupid.
Yes, that would also go for a QB, but, there’s no QB even close to that in this draft.
Say, Barry Sanders was there at 6oa, you’re telling me you wouldn’t take him because you don’t believe in using first round picks on RB’s?
Welcome to eternal sucktitude.


I want to get, in the more likely at the moment’s scenarios, one of Spoon or Gonzalez, and then Bijan at 18.

In the less likely case that Carter drops to 6, I want him and Branch at 18. Could you talk me into Porter Jr there? Sure. This scenario has me grabbing Gibbs w/ a rd 2 pick and then either a LB or S with the other 2nd…or Forbes if we want a CB double tap or a DT with a wait on S at that point to 81. It leaves OG out but maybe Holmes can find a 4th somewhere

In the top case, Id love a trade down, but not past 9 if I can help it. 12 scares me of getting both CB1s pimped.

The twitchy thing is that if we find the guy they want at DT in FA (probability lowish) then it sets the top case up perfectly but if Carter then drops Im gonna cry.

FA splash for me really is CB. We need 2 and adding 2 rookies isnt going to fit with the window opening this season.

Beans we got, money a little. If there is a way to not create a Quinnian mess 3 yrs from now Id like to see them be aggressive with clearing cap space and go Full Player Acqusition Turbo Mode.

Maybe Next Year has been on repeat for 63 years, its time to change the channel.


The depth chart speaks for itself. I think as a board we kind of worked through this about a month ago. If it happens that there’s a top-tier Edge player remaining among a bunch of 2nd tier players, they’ll pop for the Edge. I’d say that’s ~possible~, but I’d also say that there will likely be a CB in those same tiers that would be picked over the Edge player, just based on how the talent seems to be stacking up this year.

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