Jeremy Fowler and Dan Graziano notes on the Lions

Pretty much some stuff we’ve already heard, and then the note that we might be in on a Sneed trade.

  • Amon-Ra ~$26-28M for an extension
  • Jonah might command $16M on the open market
  • CJGJ interested in going back to Philly
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Very interesting. Good for Jonah commanding that kind of $. Not here. Lock down Graham for two years and draft a solid player who can push our restricted free agent (the kid who started the 49ers game) and we have Sorsdal.

What is interesting to remember is that Brian Branch beat our Ceedy Deuce for the nickel spot as a rookie. That pushed Ce4edy to safety where he beat out Iffy. However, as Iffy developed Ceedy likely loses that battle to Iffy and nope Ceedy ain’t coming back as depth so he is likely gone too. Oh well.


Didn’t CJGJ crap on Philly after he signed here?

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He crapped on all their fans, multiple times.


Aka he told the truth about their fans



Fun fact, at one point at the Eagles stadium, they actually had a built in court just to deal with fans.

this isnt a joke, this is real, they had to have an actual court house in the football stadium just to deal with them


If Jonah gets $16m per I think the comp pick calculus should enter the equation. That’s at least a fourth and at that comtract value we could sign helpful mid rek’t guys and Oder them by losing lesser qualifying free agents.

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Yep. Veterans stadium was supposed to be even rowdier.

Jonah was always going to get paid more than we’d offer.

CB1 was always going to be our #1 target in FA or a trade. It’s an immediate hole, and without fixing, we cannot improve. Vildor nor Jacobs should get more than 250 snaps by design on a contender.

CJGJ- between the ski masks, the pair of ridiculous personal fouls, and the sub par overall play- BYE FELICIA!!

Hunter, Jones, Madubuike, and Allen are guys I love, but Hunters and Jones age, and Allen and Madubuikes contract demands will be prohibitive.

  • I think getting a guy like Sneed, Fuller, etc at 14-16M AAV is all it would take to make us a top 18-20D… add in some edge help and an interior DT that take snaps from Comish or Benito and suddenly I think we look like a top 10-12 unit.

Amon Ra should get 4 years and 26M AAV of “new money” but that is really 5 yrs and 105M which is a bargain taking him through his prime.

Autry/Zdarius Smith
B Allen/E Brown
Moseley/T Hill

I would take one of each of these pairs to sure up CB1, DE, IOL backup, safety rotation, CB3/4


When I play E4 against Brad, he’s already planned the next 15 chess moves, so what do I know? I’ve written that we wouldn’t be comp pick players this year, but if Jonah gets $16M elsewhere, Bad Holmes could fool me again. And that would actually please me because it would again demonstrate the patient, confident, long term approach I want in a GM savant.

If we were to trade for Sneed, then sign him to a contract, would he still count against us in the comp formula?

Well so have to eat crow bc I was definitely not expecting Jackson to be walking into a market with multiple suitors at or above 15m per. If that is truly the case then a budget shoppers approach to FA is probably wise anyways.

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no. trades don’t enter into FA comp picks


Right. And if Jonah gets comp 4th pick money then you can get a pick back next year.

Maybe something like 61 and the Swift pick can get it done and you get close to the Swift pick back if you play the comp game.

That’s 100% fair, me too on JJ and a price I didn’t expect.

The main reason I am 100% on team draft OL is because of how much OL “Jags” get in the open market. Teams let their OL fail, and then frantically try and rebuild it in a single offseason.

J Taylor
O Brown
Ben Powers
K McGary
Nate Davis

That is the 5 OL players that got north of 10M AAV last year, and 1 broke 70 grade.

Alex Cappa
James Daniel’s

From 22’ class of the top 5 OL players in AAV- only T Armstead exceeded 70 graded in EITHER of his first 2 years in the new deal.

That means 10 OL players, most of which were mid rounders in their draft class- got between $9-20MM AAV and 20% were above average?

Give me Barton, Fautanu, JPJ please and use the 15M on Kendall Fuller or Snead- and upgrade 2 spots!


Wouldn’t signing a decent FA conceivably offset the projected comp???..


It works in tiers. So if you have JJ at 16m per and say Ducey gets 10m per and DPJ 5m. Then you can sign guys in that lower tier that will offset without touching that premium pick.

But yes you’d have to be mindful to thread that needle.


Thank you

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Jonah aint worth 16 mill per season. Any team that does that will regret it massively. He’s been a slightly above average guard with durability issues the past 2 seasons.

If you’re paying a guard 16 mill per season… he better be dominating out there.

Reminds me of last year when some sites were predicting Evan Brown at 8 to 10 mill per season. He got 1 year for 2 mill.

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I think he was a below average Guard this year but a fringe elite Guard the year prior. What that is worth in this market? But I sure as heck would’t pay him that kind of money.