Jermar Jefferson is pissed he nearly went undrafted

Justin Rogers



Jermar Jefferson is pissed he nearly went undrafted and Lions GM Brad Holmes admits he was surprised the Oregon State back he identified as a target in February was still there at pick No. 257. Now Jefferson is looking to run angry and shock the world.


Do it dude. Just come out and do it.

Kerryon is not gonna be resigned. Make a case for yourself and bust some faces!

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His RAS looks quite poor.

Don’t let that fool ya.

I’m not sure why his ras score is so poor because the guy was explosive on tape and took it to the house often. His top end speed isn’t all that but his burst is impressive. He runs hard, hits the hole hard. Has good vision and sees things well.

I have to wonder if he was hurt or if the stop watch was off. Remember no combine and those numbers came by someone operating a stop watch.

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If you compare his RAS to Jamal’s it’s not all that different. Jemar has much better vision for cutback lanes, a better jump cut and more open field creativity than Williams does though.

Oh and Duce has to love seeing this

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