Jernaine Johnson at #2?

Any love for him at 2? Ideally would be great if we traded back but the only way I think that happens if Neal’s blows up at his pro day.

If you look at his tape, measuresments, Senior Bowl dominance, combine resluts he feels like a safer pick than Thiibodeaux (hustle/culture fit) and Walker (more college production/pro ready)


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I’ve been wondering this as well. Im not an internet scout so I have no opinion personally, but as an outsider JJ has everything you’re looking for


Spot on!

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No idea but wouldn’t be surprised if Lions take any of those 3 if Hutch gone and no acceptable trade down offer

And I’m positive they wouldn’t expect to get full value to make a trade down

Everyone knows they’d be in a bad spot at that point

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Hes my favorite DE behind Hutch. But i dont think hes worth the number 2 pick either is Hutch.

I wouldnt complain. Any of the top 4 DEs im ok with, have to trust Holmes did his HW and gets the best one.

If Johnson is the highest rated player on their board at 2, and they can’t trade down (which is a high probability that they can’t), then you take him. I hope they don’t take a player they don’t love because of a number on a board. Take good players and get better. The board never looks the same years down the road.


I’m hearing that Holmes is big on BPA in the draft.
If Hutch is gone, that will mean Malik. Regardless of what we all know our needs are, there will be quality edge guys available at 32 & 34.
I don’t see anyone else as a clear number 2oa value. I’m sure someone will not agree, but, that’s my opinion.
I hate the idea, personally. It makes sense if you’re a student of that philosophy.

What makes you think Malik is bpa?


Knew there would be someone.
My opinion, as I stated.

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This is my biggest fear too. Take who you love. Even if people label it a “reach”

Your opinion differs from every scout on planet earth. Top qb? Maybe. But i havent seen one single ranked player report that has him in the top 15 prospects.

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But wow. I won’t be mad if we draft him lower.

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Taking Willis seems like the opposite of BPA

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What you said is completely counterintuitive. If they don’t love a player than he will subsequently not be higher on their board. Most likely, this couching staff takes players they do not love off of their board completely.

“I love this player, but not at 2.” How often is that said? If you love a player, then take them.


I can’t say I would be shocked if we did. He gets to the QB, doesn’t have the apparent weirdness of KT, and has a game plan unlike Walker.

I wouldn’t be upset with him or Travon Walker. They both are incredible athletes.

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All the time, I would think. This year we might be saying that about Drake London, Garrett Wilson, Skyy Moore, Dax Hill, Leo Chenal, Devonte Wyatt, Zion Johnson, and many, many others.

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Yep, exactly. These are great examples. If I had to put together a list of players I absolutely loved, they would both be in the Top 5.

But I’m not taking either of them in the Top 5 of the draft.