Jerry Jacobs any updates, here is a update

Any updates , I’m really looking forward to him coming back. We can sure use him back there


I haven’t heard any updates, but my guess is as soon as he can come off IR he will be healthy enough. But he will need time to get in shape because they can’t practice on IR. That’s why Jerry was so mad about being put on IR to start the season.
Campbell alluded to it in one of his press conferences too.

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Sounds like it’s @Dallas

Just glad he’s coming back, I think he can help the defense.

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This makes me think of AJ Parker… our starter who showed a lot of good last year but got cut and I’m not even sure is on a team at the moment.

Also makes me think about Barnes. Everyone was so hype about him and he hasn’t even been active alll season.

I hope jerry Jacoby is actually legit and it wasn’t just a flash in the pan. It would have been nice to have him versus the vikes.

Parker is on the practice squad.


AJ Paker is a smaller CB (slight build also)… who is somewhat limited athletically. He had some nice plays, but was a bright spot for a UDFA… partially because he played on a bad defense.

I predicted he may be released back during mini-camps… because he faces an uphill battle to make it long-term with his physical limitations.

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Yep. Parker is a kid that could be really good if you could give him pimpletons speed and agility.

AO’s replacement is in the house.

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Broken Record Alert: Just get me to 2-2. That’s all I ask. 2-2.

Hopefully this entire PUP list is about to be able to contribute in one way or another because the way these current guys are dropping, this team needs all the help it can get.

So excited to hear this news about JJ; love the guy.


I thought it was interesting he said he’s aggressively learning to play the slot.

I’m not holding my breath on that but would like to be pleasantly surprised. I’d hoped we’d start hearing word about paschal and jamo getting closer. I’m banking on okwara missing the season at this point.

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We lost Walker, but we should be seeing Iffy and Jacobs real soon, so at least we have some help coming to the secondary. Young players gotta step up.

Sorry to be off-topic. I love Jacobs. I’m pumped. But speaking of the young guys and PUP in general, I am of the firm belief that physically he is 100% (Jamo). It’s just about knowing the playbook and learning the speed.

That said, I have been and still am so torn on when to bring him back. I felt like the better the team did the longer they could delay it. Now I’m like "well if they start losing all these games and are 1-4 before the bye, that’s also the longer they could delay it. Then there’s that murky middle ground if they win Sunday and are at 2-2. Clean slate but we’ve got bodies on the ground everywhere.

And that applies to Jacobs as well in terms of his return. The league knows exactly who Jamo is and they have enough tape on Jacobs. Their mere presence on the field against the Pats could be the difference between a 2-3 bye week and a 3-2 bye week.

I think they are playing the long game. I don’t expect to see Jamo until November. Even if he’s 100%, they are going to let him practice for a few weeks first before being activated. We only play 7 total games in Sept and October. He could still play 10 games if he returns early November.

That’s what I was campaigning for originally, which is why I was hoping so bad they’d just keep winning without him. But again, I’ve said it 17 times. Just get me to 2-2. That’s all I ever wanted from the first quarter.

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Same! And that would make us 5-5 in our last 10 games overall. That would show improvement. Gotta beat the Hawks!

At the rate we’re going we won’t have a choice. He’ll be the only “healthy” receiver we have.

Unveil him on thanksgiving. It’ll be a nice surprise for the bills. :+1: