Jerry Jacobs Injury?

What happened to him? Anyone know, and is it long term?

It did stink losing him without Okuda to start the game. Diggs came alive after the injury.

I expect to see him in the concus protocol.
Did not see what might have caused it.

Thanks. That is what I was thinking when I saw it live. Guess he just landed weird. Seemed like an odd play to get a concussion on - diving to the ground at a receiver.

Digs really became more effective after Jacobs went out. Hopefully he’s back against the Jags

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He gets three days off before they even evaluate. 10 days is a long time. I think (hope) he will be fine.

I thought he was grabbing at his arm but maybe not

I too thought it looked like he was holding his arm a little weirdly as he was being walked off the field. Honestly, just was an odd looking play to be hurt on. Literally just dove to the ground. Didn’t seem like much to cause a concussion.

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