Jersey sales?

Any places to get slightly discounted authentic jerseys? Probably not. I got a knock off and it kinda sucks…



I prefer to call them slightly authentic discounted jerseys. Lol

I bought 6 jerseys a couple years ago and only 1 had bad colors. It’s a roll of the dice.

At the same time, I’ve been gifted some authentic authentic merch from major retailers that also look a bit sketchy.


Lol good poimt.
These are just a bit more noticeable as the numbers have dots on them instead of been actual little holes. Pretty sure the real ones don’t have dots?

No dots

Dots are unacceptable

Not even slightly authentic, lol. My biggest trouble is that the blue seems so difficult for them to ID.

DHGate is where I’ve shopped, picking up a dozen items by now. 2 or 3 were sketch, the rest really, really good.

Yeah that’s where I got it from. Usually really close and the cost is hard to beat. I guess I shouldnt complain, but the dots are really bugging me.

Can you snap a photo? Are numbers and nameplates sewn on?

Yes, once I get home I will.

Also the last ones I bought were a size too big, this time I wish I bought true to fit.

Honestly that looks better than the limited Nike that I purchased. Not sure how accurate the blue is but at least it has stitched numbers and nameplate.

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How’s the front look?

Can you post a pic of yours? Maybe I am over thinking it?

I will post a picture tomorrow.


One night there makes the hard man humble.

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Bro, my first reaction was “those are hilarious”, including the striping on the sleeves, but then I looked at the lions official store and I can’t believe my eyes: