Jesse James

Why not use this guy?
He is rarely ever in the game. It looks like he has good hands. He is a big target.

At this point I have to conclude that it was a bad signing that the Steelers made look better than he was. The Steelers organization tends to do that a lot.

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It sure seems to be that Wes.

We way overpaid for him and that’s clear.

We have a shit team. A moron head coach and a dude that gave water to high school football players running the team.

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Guy is a good receiver and has great size… It’s one of the many frustrating parts of this season I don’t understand.

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With Hock down and he steps up by being stealthlike. That’s a rare talent.

Let’s face it, Blough under-utilized all of our receivers in that last game. Sure there were a couple of drops, but no receivers were as involved as they should be.