Jets 5-2

And wilson wasn’t good. Besides the one interception goff had only 5 incompletion . Just maybe its a team sport. Oh look Rodgers and Brady now, hmm good be a team sport. Goff is our guy at least one more year, so get over it

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Big win over those Brett Rypien led Broncos. The Broncos may have on r more win but they’re an even hotter mess than we are.

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They are 5-2. They also just beat up rodgers. Wilson played like shit

Like the Commanders did. The Jets have some talent but have benefited from the schedule and some luck.

Five of their next six are: Pats x 2, Bills x 2 and Vikings

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All good, it takes 3-4 years to not be the worst team in the league, so we’re right on track!

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Still 5-2. With no qb.

Now without Hall most probably. Sucks for the kid.

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That’s one reason that it’s so hard to use top tier draft capital on RBs.


So, we’re only 56 years behind schedule.


All you need is a little patience brother!!!

Calm Down Season 5 GIF by Outlander

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Maybe we could get some better players if Goff wasn’t taking up 14% of the cap

That puts us 60 years behind schedule.

As a reminder we have sucked for 64 years, not 60. :rofl:

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Awe same as Stafford. Btw holmes made that trade. If he was smart he wouldve traded him to the colts and had a rookie contact

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He had to be in the running for one of the most underpaid of this years mvp candidates to date
Already far exceeding his rookie deal by catapulting jets to 5-2 and have people talking about jets in first place

Btw jets have more wins this year then a year and half Campbell has.

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He was 7th in rushing amongst RBs….
and not even the top rookie in rushing yards.

Maybe he meant offensive rookie of year candidate.

I just saw a lost somewhere that had him amongst the candidates for what he was doing for the jets.

Either way
The rookie cap sucks for all the good rookie players
And short career running backs lead the list of guys who get used up

Not entirely. Some of those 90’s teams were pretty good. That’s at least 4 years off the total. Lol

Is there some kind of prize for winning games with a shitty QB?