Jets have a Trade Partner…

Not sure which one but it sounds like someone will be moving up to one of the Jets picks. Might throw everyone’s mocks for a loop.

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If it’s not SF and Deebo, then I wonder if it’s Green Bay to get a receiver.

Or Philadelphia. NFL Network said they were trying like hell to move up.


I’d take both Philly firsts and a 2nd plus 3rd next year for #2, then trade one of them for Deebo.

Cmon Philly! Cmon Holmes!


Sounds like it is for pick #10.

Who is reporting this?

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In another deep receiver draft I really hope Green Bay does something that stupid. Especially if that receiver becomes a bust.

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My source was wrong, sorry guys/gals. He seemed confident. lesson learned.

The Packers didn’t trade up to 10 with the Jets but we traded from farther back to get to 12 for a receiver.

Melissa Villasenor Oops GIF by Saturday Night Live

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I love that the top 6 receivers were off the board when the packers picked. And not only did they not take a receiver they took a linebacker! Not even the top 4 linebackers. How pissed is Rogers right about now? Lmao

Devante Adams was the 9th receiver off the board. One of his favories, Randall Cobb, was 7th. James Jones was 14th. I don’t think the Packers need to draft a receiver in the 1st round. But they do need to get back to drafting receivers in the 2nd round (add Jordy Nelson and Greg Jennings to the 2nd round picks they have had).

The Jets have had a nice first round.

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They don’t need to draft a receiver in the first round that’s true. The problem they have though is that they’re rapidly running out of time with an aging quarterback. The further you get from first round talent the more chance you have of drafting a receiver that needs a couple years to develop. Green Bay doesn’t have that luxury. They need immediate impact from this draft. Their receivers room looks a lot like our linebackers room.

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