Jets hire Saleh

Per Josina Anderson and Schefter. I feel nothing but absolute and total pain. He’s taking Mike LaFleur with him to NY.

Ehh, it is what it is.

Only time will tell who it will be. Than we just have to put our hopes in them, like Lion’s fans do every 3 or 4 years. Hiring coaches in the NFL is a total crap shoot when you look at how many fail. There’s so many factors that play into being successful.

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He was clearly not the guy in Detroit after his interview went poorly.

We didn’t seem very interested in Saleh. We shall see how this plays out.

I’d love to know what Spielman thinks about Saleh behind closed doors!?

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He would have been my choice for the Lions…but oh well

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I wanted nothing to do with him, warmed up to him and liked him a lot after Sherman endorsement and then waned on him after…I’m fine w him going to Jets.


If he succeeds he’s doing in the afc!!

It seemed everyone wanted the Lions to like him because he was from the area, but the team didn’t really seem all that interested. Hope he does well because I live in NY, and the Jets need sone help lol.

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Kind of surprised he got a 5 year deal.

If Saleh turns the Jets around then you know he could have turned the Lions around. The NYJ have a far worse roster than the Lions do and I do not think that Darnold is the answer at QB either.

For the life of me I can’t believe the Lions didn’t like the Saleh / Dodds team to be the best. For we’re highly sought after.

Unfortunately for Saleh he couldn’t bring Dodds with him to be his GM.

We’ll never know. Maybe Dodds prefers Campbell or Eberflus?

The two wanted to work together. But it won’t happen with Saleh going to the NYJ now.

Welcome brother!

I was not in at all on this guy, so he will probably take the Jets to the Super Bowl in 2 years. Just thought his defense when I watched their games was just not that good.

Does Joe Douglas have any ties to Saleh? Hopefully, it work out for them.

First Muslim HC in the NFL.