Jets - Jags aka Toilet Bowl Too just got interesting

Could this be enough to force the Jags to win?


This is great news for the Lions. The result of the game only microscopically matters to the playoffs, so I hope the powers that be don’t move it to Tuesday. Root for Jags!!


At this point, I’m rooting for the Jets.

If the Jets win, they improve to 4-11, the Lions can still win another game without falling out of the No. 3 overall position.

If the Jags win, then there’s likely to be three 3-12 teams, which would mean if the Lions win 2 of the next 3, and the Bears (to Seattle in Seattle) & the Giants (to the Eagles in Philly) lose, the Lions would fall to No. 6 overall.

If the Jags lose, then they’re a clear No. 1, Houston a clear No. 2, and even if the Lions win one, they will be a clear No. 3.


The Lions are gonna beat the Falcons, so it aint gonna matter much!


BH has a job - draft the best players for our team regardless of draft position!

1 or 6/7?! I don’t care… Holmes does his job right and we will get an impact player period!

Please give me the wins!!


Bears play the Giants in 2 weeks. Giants own both the picks (due to Bears trading up from #20 to #11 for a QB I wouldn’t have taken with our 2nd round pick).

Giants should end up with a couple top 10 picks with one of them likely top 5.

I am sitting here terrified of this kind of thing with my fantasy team.

I’m in the Super Bowl of my home league, same guys since 2001…I’m the #1 seed, and the #1 seed has won the Super Bowl once in 20 seasons…

And I burned my last roster move not remembering it was my last move (limit 25/season) picking up Alexander Mattison since I didn’t like my RB2 options- Henderson, Edmonds, M Davis…I had a waiver claim in for Amon-Ra and it went through I had forgotten…4 WR/TE slots is a tough league man…

but I don’t have a backup QB on the roster and it’s a QB heavy scoring league…I have Herbert, where there is a COVID outbreak on his team…

hoping the #1 seed curse doesn’t screw me that way…

Lol - you sound in’ like an addict bro!’

Back away from the fantasy football and find FFBA group for recovery ❤‍🩹:crazy_face::+1::pray::upside_down_face:

BUt I liKe My adDIctIoN…

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So true brother!

Here’s some rehab for you anyways!

First thing to do is “check In”!!

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I agree. Get wins that mean a little something even at this point. The win over the Cardinals was the first step. Build on that and actually carry it into next season… and I’d rather they picked 6th or 7th… more opportunities for trades and strengthening the roster through the draft