JG is very good at avoiding sacks

This was gonna be my band name if I ever was fronting a combo.

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If he didn’t struggle under pressure then why would he be the second most blitzed QB in the league? Yeah let’s blitz one of the best QBs under pressure as much as possible.

The reason, because he does struggle under pressure. The good thing is it doesn’t translate into a bunch of sacks and turnovers. Because Goff is more than willing to throw the ball away.

I guess the conclusion I would draw is Goff is very conservative under pressure. Maybe teams blitz Goff often because they know he’s not going to try to hit the homerun. Meaning it’s not very risky to blitz him because he’s so conservative. Now does this equal bad…I guess that’s open to interpretation.

Not sure amount of times blitzed has a direct correlation to performance under pressure. The most blitzed QB was Herbert and third most was Hurts.

There’s still some math too that’s difficult to reconcile for that position. He was also the seventh most hurried.

And yet had the 6th best QBR and was 2nd best DVOA 4th best DVAR while being top ten in air yards

Given all that data, it’s hard to make a sound conclusion that Goff is ‘bad’ under pressure.

His TIP(time between snap and throw) is 2.4. Which is a solid time for a pocket passer and quicker than the ESPN win-rate metric for pass blocking win/loss (if a lineman can hold his block for over or under 2.5 seconds)

Consider this snippet written last year about Tom Brady

“…Brady’s average release time of 2.4 seconds…reflects what Arians called his “fast-twitch reactionary” brain. Before the ball is snapped, Brady anticipates defenses so well…that he is able to get rid of the ball at the third-fastest rate in the N.F.L. among qualified quarterbacks (those who took half or more of their team’s drop-backs)…”

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I’m not gonna argue with you about whether/how much he struggles under pressure. We won’t get anywhere with that.

But I will say that a very good reason to blitz a QB even if he DOESN’T struggle under pressure (more than other QBs) is that he’ll kick your a$$ if you don’t. I believe Goff had a 119 rating in week one when NOT under pressure - second among all QBs in W1. Regardless of whether he struggles under pressure, I think there’s now broad agreement that he’s very VERY good when he has a clean pocket. Hence the blitzes.

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JG is a guy that knows his feet are not very valuable. Like a Peyton Manning. Those types usually don’t take a lot of sacks, on the flipside they’re not going to create much either when the defender is bearing down on them. They throw it away or just eat it.

A better metric would be blitz percentage. Which would just take a bit of math. Other QBs in the top ten of amount of blitzed faced are Cousins and Mahomes…What do Herbert, Hurts, Goff, Cousins and Mahomes have in common?

More dropbacks. Good offenses. Good ball control

Metrics are created to fit narratives, not the other way around. At least with regards to sports reporting/writing in 2023.

Goff is about to play without his LT and his center was limited all week- yet if he stays clean and has a good game, it will be because of the OL?

If he has another “pick-free” game, somebody will comment on “turnover worthy plays?”

  • we all watch the games, and when Stafford or Goff throws into traffic and it hits a defender in the hands- we SCREAM at the TV…. When he/they don’t, we don’t but evidently some nerd has the ability to decipher it’s a DB “should” have broke on the ball, and thus IF he did, then maybe a turnover could have happened.

Let’s a be super duper clear…. If McVay had stuck with Goff and reloaded around him like they did in 21’, the media would never have fully turned on him.

It take lots of time and repetition to change a written narrative. Josh Allen can’t stop turning it over, and Herbert can’t win a big game….

When does the narrative change from those two being elite, to simply having elite traits?


FWIW - and apologies if someone already offered these up.

Thru 7 games last year PFF had Goff ranked 14th of 32 under pressure - a bit above average.

Thru 13 games last year Next Gen Stats had him ranked 6th when under pressure.

Tryna find passer ratings when not pressured…

I would never have believed Goff was going after this interception free streak with the way he was turning the ball over pre-sneak. He definitely turned things around.

That’s also another misleading statistic. Goff wasn’t turning the ball over at an unusual rate. He did have the (without looking) second most turnovers after Allen since Allen has been in the league.

But, once you break that data into turnovers per game played he drops out of the top ten. Allen and Goff have both just been more healthy than most QBs in that time frame

I think (again without looking) Goff has (or had) just under one turnover per game on average. I think fhe average was one and several QBs were slightly over

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My bad for not noticing. Still QB rating is based on hard #s, not subjective nonsense like PFF. If he beats it by finding his hot read, he gets dinged for not winning off-schedule. If they gain YAC, he’s dinged for putting them in position to succeed.
Just not buyin’ that he’s more susceptible to pressure than any other pocket QB . Most of it is group think by nerds who are overly-impressed with mobility,imo, repeated until it resembles truth because of familiarity and confirmation bias.
I’ll stick to the hard results like the low sack rate relative to pass pro in the OP

The explosive numbers . They don’t specify air yd throws vs YAC-based, but given their historical bias, I bet it’d be mentioned in Goff’s case if it was significantly more than other QBs…lol… they have no problem dinging him for getting the ball to the right read within the scheme & setting his guys up for success (YAC) in other rankings vs pressure. Also laughable how the hard numbers don’t correlate with PFF’s rankings here in general. Not just Goff either; Mahomeboy got knocked off a list for,irrc, best at completions under 10 yds vs pressure because too many were “turnover-worthy”. . These nerds be crazy):

3rd down conversion rates where it’s reasonable, imo, to assume he faced pressure quite a bit.:


Interpreting those is also subjective but at least there are some real data points there.

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