Jim Caldwell -?

Fellas, again I’m sorry to be focusing on Lions history and not current events. But I just found this site a week or so ago!

So did Caldwell deserve to get fired? Did he have control of the lockeroom? 3 years as HC and two years in the playoffs? I’d take that all day. Was he the coach when we got jobbed in Dallas?

Maybe the Lions can bring him in as some kind of senior offensive assistant role.

Yes, he was HC for the Dallas hose job.

Mr, LionFrog -

I’m still pissed about that game. Seriously, I can’t let it go. I have no doubt Jerry Jones called the league office at halftime and said, “you want Lions and Panthers next week or Cowboys and Packers? Well then fix this shit now!”

League office makes just one quick phone call to the ref they have in the game. And done.

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Yep. Matt had more balls calling out the refs, “home cooking”, during the game than Caldwell did.

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