Jim Schwartz went all-out against the Falcons. With a banged-up front four, will that continue?

Jim knows all of Matt’s weaknesses. Bevell will need to have a great game plan for the O to have some success.

Sounds like he might be lacking the horses to make it work.

I think Philly has to blitz to apply pressure to Stafford and to fill the running gaps. I’m not seeing their offense doing much on the ground or through the air missing their top WRs. We gotta cover Ertz though, he’s gona be their bread and butter guy. Time for our DL to validate what most of us thought would be dominant. No pics, Stafford. I think we win if we don’t give them any TOs or kill ur drives with penalties.


Bring it on. I’m not sure that’s Matt’s weakness. He struggles against Zimmer’s version bc they disguise everything pre snap. But the Vikes are elite in this regard and then have elite edge talents to top it off.

If they blitz to aggressively I think we gash them. I actually think impatience is Staff’s greatest weakness. If you make him march down on a long drive without a running game he may just gift you an overly aggressive horrible decision.

Screen passes and tight ends all day. Gym Shorts = death by a thousand cuts.

I would if I was him. Our O-Line sucks. Taking Stafford out of the game would be smart of the Eagles.

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This could be Ty Johnson’s coming out party, guys.

Let’s see how they match up/defend. Ty will score on a long one this week.
McKissick and Ty will get Anderson’s reps. I expect our O to look very different this week.

McKissick = faster & quicker, though not as tough version of Riddick
Hoping to see Ty bust a really long one this week.

And with our o-line being weak, that means we continue to support that group with our TE’s.
I am a big fan of the QB roll out at every level.
I would love to see the TE’s chip or block the defensive edge while Stafford is rolling out. Then pass to the TE or WR near the sideline or in a sit down flat area.

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They had a segment in that game where they showed Schwartz’s blitz numbers being really low with every team in the league besides Atlanta, so I doubt it.

As I recall, when Schwartz was with the Lions, he expected the four man rush to get home, so blitzes were pretty limited (and largely unsuccessful with the Lions LB corps).

Let’s just run a “wham” play every snap. Schwartz couldn’t figure that one out when he was here, that’s for sure.


That Doc, and delayed runs to the outside where the DE has crashed so far inside to rush the passer, the edge is wide open.

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I thought I saw some wide 9 plays against the Falcons. A few plays at least one of the DE were way out.

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This is why I love you guys. The amount of football knowledge and game memory is off the charts. You guys have ruined me for talking to “normal” fans in real life. Its a waste of my time.:upside_down_face:


That’s a great point.


Especially memory. I can’t believe some of the stuff these dudes remember. Insane.


Thi[quote=“Freebird, post:11, topic:1402, full:true”]
As I recall, when Schwartz was with the Lions, he expected the four man rush to get home, so blitzes were pretty limited (and largely unsuccessful with the Lions LB corps).

This +1000. And it’s carried over to the Eagles who have been in the bottom 3 in blitz % for the last 3 years.

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How Harbaugh just undressed Schwartz’s wide 9 in that game sticks out in my head so much. I remember that far more vividly than the “handshake” fiasco.

You’re right, though… that probably does make me an oddball.

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Its this. We all know Jim’s defense, as much as he knows Stafford, he doesnt know the Lions offense. By his own words, we have very different personnel.

Schwartz will bring all out pressure, thats what he loves to do. We’ve also seen many times how to beat it. You throw short, quick passes and keep taking body shots at the defense. By the 4th quarter, the defense is spent and can no longer pass rush and you pick the defense apart.

I liked Schwartz D line philosophy, but I always felt he shot himself in the foot by playing his corners 10yds off the line. It allows the quick pass to kill you, every…single…time. Its bass ackwards. If anything, you MUST play press and give your D line the 3 seconds to get to the QB.

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