Jimmy Garoppolo has new deal not leaving

[ JIMMY GAROPPOLO QB, SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS garoppolo 49ers restructured Jimmy Garoppolo’s contract. Per Ian Rapoport, the deal makes Garoppolo the league’s highest-paid backup. Garoppolo will be a free agent at the end of the season and he gets no-trade and no-tag claused added to his deal.](https://

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Flo says,

You may love your new out of the box untested Unicorn…

Happy Birthday Love GIF by Progressive

But Broken Lance insurance from Progressive covers you in case he’s just another dog and pony show.


Sounds like Jordan Love!


Love is Like Oxygen,
You get too much, you get too high,
Not enough and you’re gonna die.

I know I can’t get enough of Jordan Love. I like getting high off of his shitty play.

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Makes sense

Smart, good deal all around. JG was given the chance to shop early on and there were no takers, no one believed that the 49ers would keep that contract. The best options really were keep him, because he was insurance and they could trade him all the way until early November I believe. Cut him and he’s a Seahawk, and now you’re going up against him. The renegotiation likely got JG more than he would have gotten on the open market, so a win for him and the team. Now the team has dough to extend some contracts. When he couldn’t work out I didn’t see any scenario where a team would take over that contract.

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