Jimmy Johnson is going into the Cowboy Ring of Honor during our game

Feels appropriate considering the last time we won a playoff game we beat him and them.

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We are becoming a team that other teams are taking notice of and planning ahead for. They suddenly decided its finally time to put Jimmy Johnson in the ring of honor. Baltimore thought “you know what, screw the Steelers or Browns. Let’s put Terell Suggs into the ring of honor against a random non-conference opponent.”

There are a few more that I know I am forgetting.

When Sam LaPorta starts dating Beyonce we will know we finally made it.

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Meh, a more age appropriate comp would be Olivia Rodrigo.

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Maybe we can spoil the party like we did in KC.

The Cowboys have a phenomenal following of fans…but now add in the viewership with the Lions fanbase…big big TV ratings for the NFL. Goodall was just talking about networks reaching out about the Lions.

The Lions are money right now folks!

Edit: Just think of the storyline if JJ Watt joins our team.

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Also, I realize the Cowboy fans are very very loyal…but what better way to keep their fans from selling tickets to make some major bucks off of Lions fans…but to have Jimmy Johnson Ring of Fame night…

Sum Bitches!

Most Cowboys fans couldn’t locate Dallas on a map. They aren’t going to the game.

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There’s ALOT of transplants in the sunbelt cities and I don’t know if there’s more than in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Every Lions game I’ve been to there we have a large crowd and that’s when we were just okay

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Pfffft. It’s easy to be loyal to a perennial winner.
We’re loyal!

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Jerry Jones is such a dick. Held a grudge for 20 years on the guy that was responsible for coming up with trading Walker, a move that orchestrated 3 Super Bowls wins. I hate the Cowboys but Jimmy should have been in the first year he joined FOX.