Jim's 7 Round Mock

Super Bowl. Roast away.
29.) Graham Barton OG Duke
61.) Marshawn Kneeland DE Western Michigan
73.) Braden Fiske DT Florida State
164.) Brendan Rice WR USC
201.) Quantez Stiggers CB CFL
205.) Cam Little K Arkansas
249.) Ryan Flournoy WR SE MO State


Man am I ever out of the loop on college football.

Is kneeland that good really? I haven’t watched, but the name fits our philosophy!


I really like him.

That would be a hell of a draft!


Like the first 4 picks, don’t know much about Stiggers or the other 2

Fiske is going the top of the 2nd rd later 30
Early 40.

Kneeland is good but his production in the MAC scares me that he will be more then a rotational guy that just sets an edge.

I think Barton is gone before we pick but would love that pick if that was the case. I have him 7th best OL in this deep deep class of OL.

Nobody really does except what’s being written. Pretty hard to find any tape on the guy since he skipped college. His highlights from the CFL look impressive.

He’s going to be a late round pick or undrafted sign in my opinion.

He plays instinctually, tracks the ball well and does a great job of processing the situation. But I wish we had more tape on him against better talents.

My guess is he will be a project player though. But I think we like him for Special Teams. The kid looks like he could be a good special teams player and actually make the bottom of a roster on that and then develop into an NFL CB. Which he looks the part.

Cool story and intriguing prospect.

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Barton would be a fun pick. The only thing I don’t like about Kneeland is his burst. Some of that is mitigated by him being like 270 rather than 255-60 like some of the other edge guys. He is pretty strong though on the bull rush and long arms from what I’ve seen.

I don’t know about a single guy on this list!

I’d agree. Decent MAC Edge. But there wasn’t a ton of production at a lower level. How’s he going to produce several levels up? He’s got decent power, but looks stiff and a step slow for the big dance.

I think the CFL is a better proving ground - against better players - than any college league. These guys were studs at elite colleges, and now they’re professionals, playing to put food on their table. I’d much rather draft a guy who thrived there than pretty much anywhere else.

Now finding anything to watch as an outsider is difficult - which is odd, shouldn’t a professional league have more footage out there? - and from that sense it’s a little nerve-wracking, but we can be assured Brad has everything he needs to make a decision.

Extreme sample size issues, but I found the two or three clips from the shrine Bowl in which he was covering Griffin to be extremely impressive. Not an easy guy to stick with and he did so effortlessly.

Yeah the Shrine really helped his stock, a bit like the Senior Bowl did for Quinyon. You didn’t get to see him play much but off in the CFL - which makes sense given the receiver’s running start - so it was good to see him show he could play other ways as well.

Right and both of those guys made it look effortless. Not sure how actionable the aesthetics are but I’d rather see that then someone doing well but exerting a ton to do so.

Agreed, seemed to be very natural for them both.

If Stiggers was available in the 6th, I’d be ecstatic.

He seems to go down there on all the simulators, but I have a feeling the league might be higher on him. As I said, there’s hardly a better proving ground than another professional league.