JJ McCarthy Named Starter for Opener! Vikings

Crazy that Happy Gilmore went #1 overall

A golfer / washed up beer league hockey player?

No wonder they made the Redskins change their name and sell the team


And Spanky went right after him at 2nd overall. That’s @stephenboyd57’s favorite.


I need JJ the QB to either be really good or to suck ass so I can stop having to see the endless chatter on this board about how he is “about” to become a top QB. So he needs to either show it like TB12 did right away or suck ass like Tebow. I need this to be extreme to end debates. Like if he is bad it needs to be agreed he sucks and not an endless debate on how he was not given a fair shot…ect. And on the flip be so good no one can refute the claim he is top 5.

TB12 didn’t quite “show it” right away


By right away I mean once he gets in.
TB12 showed it once he got a chance. YEs his rookie year he rode pine. But when he finally got a chance he killed it.

Not really. That’s kind of the point @Richard_Parker was making. They won a bunch of games, but it wasn’t because of Tom. Tom was a “Super Bowl hero!” In reality he only had 90 yards passing heading into the final drive of the game. He led one field goal drive to end it and become a legend. Here is the drive chart from the game. A short field TD, a short field FG and then one single possession where the offense crossed the 50 yard line and scored points. The Pats defense had a pick 6, a fumble recovery in field goal range and an interception in field goal range. As much as Tom carried the Pats for most of his time there, he was definitely along for the ride in that first season starting.



Before 2007 he didnt have a qb rating above 92.6 average looks to be about 88, averaged about 3700 yards, 25 tds vs 13 int, and had a completion % around 61%…

Not sure that should be classified as immediately “killing it”. You know what brady always did well at, winning. If that is the metric you are basing that comment on than absolutely.

Yes it is about winning

I love how people seem to go in and out on about what is most important.

I do not value Lamar because he seems unable to win the biggest games. Winning in the NFL is way more important than stats, well at the QB position for sure.

I would not even rate TB12 in the top 10 of QBs if we are talking throwing the rock and running. We all could name 10 better throwing QB in a 10 seconds. And well he could barely walk so forget about running. But he knew how to execute and how to win. And that is what he did. A QB is rated mostly by if he wins. Allen is nice but can he win?

And that’s why Belicheck deserves credit as the best coach or all time and that he should get a big amount due for the creating of TB12

I think the Vikes are committed to JJ being the starter and their going to give him first team reps, then throw him to the Lions.

Sure but that means players like stafford and dilfer are equal on your scale right? They both won a superbowl.

Is eli better than lamar, allen, etc because he won 2 superbowls?

While i agree winning is the most important at the end of the day putting it 100% on the qb and only validating them on the basis of winning is crazy… why even have coaches and 52 other players on the team if it is all about the qb when it comes to winning?

Also, for a significant stretch over the back part of bradys career he was incredible throwing the ball to the point your argument of him not being in the top 10 qbs when it comes to throwing the ball is lost on me.

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Sweet Jesus man.

Do I need to parse this out in detail and discuss and debate ever guy who has played QB.

Winning matters. It is part of the equation. I would suggest that winning carries a large weight in the grading process. But do I really need to go through the whole analysis and put a percentage for yardage…completion…winning. So we can then create a massive spread sheet to clearly discuss this so no one has to read you acting like Dilfer and Stafford are even in the same world of QBs?

Again this board is getting insufferable. We need real games…

Chill it was hyperbole and extreme for a reason… its okay to say that TB12 was mediocre to start his career but that the patriots still won… doesnt mean he “killed it right away”.

Not sure why there needs to be so much drama when i call out that the words people use in their arguments matter… all good man, was just poking at you for saying he was great immediately when statistically he was mediocre and surrounded by a really good team and staff.

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If it’s all about winning….then there are a lot of QBs that “killed it” even if it’s only for a year. As Peabody pointed out I wouldn’t say Brady killed it out of the gate because he was carried by his team. It wasn’t on his shoulders to win it. He just had to play within the system, the game plan and not make many, if any, mistakes. That’s not to say Brady didn’t get it done, he did, but he didn’t “kill it” IMO at least!

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Throw Marino in there too….who I think is an all-time top 5 QB

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I was literally going to use him as an example but then realize it would likely spur another 5 replies about him not being the best example or something…and yes I can see now I am wound a bit tight today…

As my sweet youngest daughter would say…“papa you need to breathe brother” she is 22 and is the only one out of 4 that can manage my intensity with ease

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Kids have a way of changing our perspectives on things for sure. All good man, I understand what you meant was just ribbing you on how you communicated it. Winning is certainly important and rates high on the qb performance scale i just dont want us to lose site of the surrounding factors of the team winning when it comes to the conversation.

As you pointed out.

Analyzing QBs gets so complicated.

So many factors to weigh.

But Marino and Dilfer are two polar opposites that just exemplifies how these arguments can be manipulated into inconsistencies and contradictions. Marino is undoubtedly an all time great who never won a Super Bowl. His legacy will always be used as an argument for or against a certain stance of QB rankings. Dilfer is a Super Bowl champion who not only couldn’t win another Super Bowl, he couldn’t even return to the team that he won the Super Bowl with in the very next season. But guys like Dilfer and Brad Johnson will always be poster boys for an argument that guys like Marino aren’t great because he/they didn’t win a Super Bowl. That is the way it’s gonna go and as barreb said, we must choose our words carefully when arguing this and be consistent! :100:


I didn’t go crazy after we drafted Tittle…%!#@$ I wasn’t even born until 1973 !!

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