Joe Barry, The Secret to the Lions Success?

The Packers were outclassed on Sunday by the Saints. Payton is great at crushing unprepared teams.

When Joe Barry was hired as the Packers new DC, I was thinking to myself, wow of all the coaches on the Rams, he may be the worst. Staley was clearly the prize with Pleasant #2.

Everyone is trying to get on the Fangio/Staley bandwagon for their new defense. Why not hire Joe Barry, a guy with experience in it and from the #1 Defense. Don’t worry if his history as a DC is very poor (especially at the Lions).

Looking more like the Packers made the wrong hire and could help bring a big shootout on Monday night football. This is assuming Rodgers looks more to form (I didn’t think he looked terrible).

If the Packers defense decreases significantly under Barry for the next 2-3 years + Rodgers leaving after this season, this may be just what the Lions need to get to compete for the NFC-N championship.


I wonder how he has a career after 0-16!

Was your post inspired by Forbes article?

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I saw the headline on my google news feed. It reminded me that I had the thought at the time of the hiring announcement but kind of forgot until now.

Was it a good article?