Joe Burrow campaigning for Golladay in Cincy

That’s almost too perfect a fit not to happen.

Cincinnati Bengals Made Star Wide Receiver Kenny Golladay ‘Really Strong’ Offer, Joe Burrow Gave Recruiting Pitch - Sports Illustrated Cincinnati Bengals News, Analysis and More

Cincy signs Golladay and drafting the LT is a lock.


And Chase comes to us at #7


Its interesting the article says “he would be smart to take a 1 year deal…blah, blah, blah.” If he takes a 1 year deal it means the market for him wasn’t what he thought it would be and it wasn’t what the media hyped it up to be. Period.

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I would guess the Giants would offer him. multiple just because they are closer to a complete team than Cinci.

However, burrows is young and they could lock up Gollady for 3 years to develop with Joe. Maybe injury is a major concern.

He either was truly injured or his cop out is costing him.

Interesting. Gollady really put himself in a situation. We will see soon enough.

I wonder if he is campaigning hard for Chase. They already have proven chemistry.

If Chase falls to Cinci, they draft Oline. That’s why they want Golladay. They have 2 legit receivers already.

My guess.?

But a one year deal though. What kind of campaign is this.

Where would you rather play? Cinci with a better than average Qb. Or NY with average qb, but solid run game?

Or is it the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!??

By today I would think this gets done.

Not thrilled about that. I mean really what does it say when the guys former teammate would rather have a FA who missed 11 games last year than the guy he knows everything about and they can easily draft??