Joe Schobert LB released

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More of a cover LB I see. But has a ton of tackles.

He’s had a far better career than Anzalone and only a 1 year age difference. Not sure we’d make a change this late in camp though. 8 ints the last 3 years, we should really take a look.

might help out our questionable D group tho.

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Didn’t they just sign him?


Yes they just signed him but they liked their Backup better for some reason. I think it was an insurance thing.

We never had a cover LB.

Isn’t that was Chris board was brought in for?

I say we either develop our guys this year or go all in with a trade for a guy like R Smith. I’m not willing to play this scrap heap game like we did with the WRs last year and like we did with the D-Line under Quinn.

Schobert has a better track record as a starter than board. I’m good with them bringing him in. At the very least he’d upgrade our depth.


Schobert has played 6 years in the NFL.

His team has finished 30th or worse in run defense 5 times in 6 years. The only season they didn’t… was the 0-16 year when Cleveland was so bad that teams didnt even need ro score in the 2nd half of most games.

Defense is certainly more than a 1 man band…. but that is a tough stat for an ILB.

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Rodrigo is a cover LB. He’s relatively new to LB. He was a Safety most of his college career.
Btw, he played QB in High School.

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Good research, didn’t realize that. Not saying it’s all his fault, but yea that doesn’t paint a good picture in the run game at all, pass game though he has more int’s than almost all linebackers the past 3 years.

Sign him, and play him in Nickel and Dime only would be a possibility. Linebackers that can cover are way more valuable in the modern nfl than they were in the past.