Joe Schobert

I heard the local morning guys talking about FA LBJoe Schobert from the Cleveland Browns this morning. It’s Evans and Mark Schlereth from 104.3 The Fan out here in Denver.

They had a lot of good things to say about him.
Here’s what I remember-

  • Sideline to sideline linebacker.
  • Stout against the run
  • good in coverage
  • 26 and will turn 27 in November

I read that he is 6’ 1" and 245 lbs. He was a 4th rd pick out of Wisconsin on 2016.

I don’t really anything about this guy than that.

What do you all think about Joe Schobert and how he would fit with the Lions

I saw that and thought they might take a look. But I read also Cleveland is going to try to keep him.

An interest potential signing though.

Very good under rated LB IMO. He completely took over the game against Pittsburgh last year for them. Would be a very nice signing but will get paid more than you think. Pretty good chance Cleveland figures out how to keep him.

He is a part of my plan , I would love to land Schobert.

He is my #4 LB’er in FA. I have three others but I like this guy.

Cory Littleton LA Rams
Yannick Ngakoue Jacksonville Jaguars
Shaq Barrett Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Everson Griffin Minnesota Vikings

These are really three Edge players, and Littleton, listed as DE/OLB. LITTLETON AND SCHOBERT, are more like steady coverage guys

I mean there are other guys on the edge like Matt Judon, Arik Armstead, BudDupree, Dante Fowler, Jadeveon Clowney. There is some superior talent available at OLB/Edge/DE.