John Elway lost a chance to make nearly $1 billion on the Broncos sale

A guy at work told me about this a few months ago and I wanted to share.

Yea I remember that, pretty crazy. Elway is a prick, so maybe some karma there.


“A horse is a horse of course of course
And no one can talk to a horse of course.
That is of course unless the horse
Is the famous Mister Elway!”


Well, there goes a good Halloween for the neighborhood kids.

Bet he wishes he had a do-over

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Reminds me of that scene in Winning Time when a young Phil Knight offers Magic a sizeable stake in Nike but he instead takes the $180,000 from Converse.

Doesn’t sound like it was “Winning Time” then


Even worse, Spencer Haywood was actually awarded significant equity in Nike due to his early days sponsorship but he was swindled out of it by bad intentioned representation and business partners.

Magic is still worth 620m so not the end of the world. Spencer Haywood is only worth 5m so that one stings.

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