Johnathan Mingo

He’s someone I could see the Lions targeting in the 3rd. He’s a culture fit, great run blocker, extremely hard worker, can play inside or outside so he’s versatile, makes some amazing catches, very thick build… He comps to Anquan Boldin. He’s one of my “pound the table” guys in the mid rounds, I think he could develop into a #2 outside guy by 2024 while contributing next season.


Heard him compared to Deebo Samuel

If we lose Chark it’s gotta be Tillman or Mingo mid rounds to replace him I’d imagine?

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Big fan of both these guys. A few others too who could replace Chark.

Jman!!! What were you we’re you right about that warranty the I…

I = 1 Bryce Young
told - 2 Will Anderson
you = 3 Tyree Wilson
so = 4 AR 15


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Who thinks Bryce Young isn’t going #1? And if a trade that happens 6 weeks before the trade qualifies as I told you so, you must be right often!!! Especially when we don’t know who’s going 1 yet!

That trade changes nothing homie. I also think Bryce Young goes #1. So I don’t get it lol :man_shrugging:t2:

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I like Tillman, got to watch him quite a bit living down here


You probably seen a lot of Ole Miss than too… Would you rather have Tillman late 2/3 or Mingo late 3/4 ???

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Tillman over Mingo if Tillmans falls to 3rd with nothing else considered. Really depends on who else is there in the 3rd, who we get in the 2nd and what we do in FA.

My take on the two for what it is worth…Tillman is a better route runner and better at contested catches. Mingo will get more separation and take the top off the defense better. I think Mingo is a little more physical

I think other teams will value Mingo much higher than the Lions will. The big physical contested catch guys will never see the ball here. I think we value getting out of breaks and separation much more than size…

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Why isn’t he talked about more? He has great size (6-2, 220lbs) with huge hands (10.5 inches). He ran a 4.46 and posted a 40-inch vertical. He was gliding at the Senior Bowl, easily creating separation. On tape he can line up as a big-slot or split out wide. He can break off big plays downfield and he tracks the ball superbly in the air. He runs such good routes and knows how to gain position or create subtle separation to make plays on the shorter stuff. He can box-out with his frame and he can win contested catches with his explosive athleticism. Mingo also has soft hands and just looks like a class-act. It’s crazy why he doesn’t get more attention.

Cedric Tillman is also another WR i love, remind me of Tee Higgins a little.


In the “Egg Bowl” he dropped a sure TD pass and later dropped a pass that was eventually called a lateral that led to a MSU recovery. His route running needs work as well. He has size and speed but will be a project in the NFL.

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That’s good if it means he drops down the board and we can get him with the 81st pick, hes gonna be a Dawg in the league.

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Give me a route runner all day long. Mingo has stats that are literally skewed by 1 game, vs Vanderbilt where he caught 9 passes for 247 yards and 2 TD’s. He had 7 catches in 2 other games for a total of 14 for 99 yards. The most catches he had in any other games was 4. He had 3 TD catches for the rest of the season. There is no way I look at Mingo before the 5th.

I think its because the style offense ole miss played. Quick high temp style and Jaxson Dart the QB was inexperienced. Him or Cedric Tillman if we can leave the draft with either or ill be happy. There’s other options, what do you think of Xavier Hutchinson from Iowa State or Jayden Reed from Michigan state?

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This is 100% accurate… They’re a run first team with below average QB play. Mingo is not a #1 receiver in this league, but his ceiling is a good #2 receiver who’s a great blocker for the run game… He’s a fit on this team.

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Mingo = JuJu Smith-Schuster


Xavier had a really weird season last year, the numbers were there but he was inconsistent, honestly I don’t know where he might go but certainly not before the 3rd. Ced Tillman is a 2nd round player and I like his game. Haven’t really watched Jayden Reed honestly, I’m still pulling for my boy Charlie ■■■■■■■ Jones as a day 3 add.


Sorry, thought you said Mongo.


If he’s a Palmer the backup WR from Tenn plays for Chargers … that’s still a good depth guy I’d be happy with.

Chark being back still looks like best case scenerario

Tillman and Mingo are both good options, I like them both. I’m worried the bad class will push Tillman up the board a little too high for my taste, but to me Mingo typically goes around where the value starts to level out. I end up with him on a lot of the simulators.

There’s actually quite a few day 3 guys I find really intriguing. Jared Wayne is one of my absolute faves, and there’s also Dontay Demus, CJ Johnson, Adonicas Sanders, Wicks, Nacua, Justin Marshall, Brownlee, Dallas Daniels, Brayden Johnson, and Thayer Thomas. I really like the deep depth of the class, not such a fan before that.