Johnson might get to call plays this year

Dan Campbell offers up some wild criteria for OC Ben Johnson to call plays (

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I think what Campbell is trying to be careful about is this: if the offense doesn’t do well and he feels the need to take over playcalling again, he doesn’t want that to affect Johnson or the offense. I think it’s a training wheels thing. He doesn’t want to give him free reign and then pull back and destroy his confidence. At the same time, he wants to give him the autonomy and freedom. But I think in his mind, he’d rather start Johnson off slow then let him go later when he knows they will be on the same page.

This is a good thing. I think he has all the confidence in the world in him but at the same time doesn’t want to set him up for failure


I think that was more like, ‘you ask a stupid question, you get a stupid answer’
If Ben opened up the offence in preseason DC would probably throttle him.
Philly doesn’t get film for week one.


Nah! :sunglasses:

We will score 86 points in our preseason opener off basic plays because we are so dope!


yeah I have that problem sometimes, my johnson wants to call the shots.