Jonah Jackson contract What it could look like 2024

If no Jonah give me David Edwards for like 1/3to4m plus a rookie OG in round 3.

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3 years 35 mil with another team

Jackson will get a better deal else where.

Forgot that was even an option. How much would that cost?

No chance Jonah gets tagged. It’s over 20 million for 1 year.

The issue and this came up in the past… there is only 1 tag for oline. So guards, tackles and centers all qualify for the same tag money. It’s really dumb and needs changing. Because tackles make way more money than interior guys

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I think we ought to be looking at people who have turned it around. We now have some of the best coaching in the league. When a player turns it around, it may be the system, but its just as likley to be the coaching. Or actually knowing what is expected of you, which I think Fraley and Ben do a great job of.

I know he’s older but I think if we can squeeze a good year or two out of him at a reasonable cost while our window is wide open, it might work just fine. I think we’re going to low-ball Jonah, and he’s going to walk. With Zeitler, you can let the Sorsdals (or, hopefully other rookies that we draft) grow into their role.

Yeah, no.

Yea to franchise tag a guard or center he pretty much needs to be the best player in the nfl at his position or it’s nuts. Like 1st team all pro level.

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Maybe, but for the most part I can’t remember an OL leaving Baltimore and improving. I think Lamar makes all of their jobs so much easier. I know Rick Wagner didn’t lol, and Broncos fans think Powers is a jag, though it’s only been one season. The Panthers liked what they saw from Bozeman enough on his one-year prove-it deal to sign him longer term, but he struggled mightily this year (along with the rest of their team, tbf). Matt Skura’s been on 4 teams in 2 years since he left, and Tyre Phillips spent two years on practice squads before being forced into the lineup this past season.

Maybe Jensen, but he went from Lamar to Brady. Orlando Brown probably isn’t any worse, but he went from Lamar to Mahomes to Burrow. And I think most Cincy fans would tell you he had a pretty down year. Even he called his play “just OK.”

And on the flip side, cast-offs tend to come to Baltimore and have their best seasons. Zeitler was cut by the Giants. Morgan Moses and John Simpson start for them after being thrown away by the Jets and Raiders respectively. It’s just a tough place to get a read on a guy.

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With that rule, i don’t think any iOL will ever be franchised.

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Man, solid post. With that additional data, Zeitler just might be a one year wonder. You never know though.

Other than him, that doesn’t leave much as a possible upgrade or even lateral move to Jonah if he walks. The next guys on the list are Dalton Risner and Ezra Cleveland…I think both are downgrades compared to Jonah. Brad will undoubtedly have a plan B.

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I think you’re dealing with educated dart throws like Edwards, Cleveland, Deiter, etc… or spending up for a surer thing. If we go with the former it would probably be prudent to add another earlier in the draft. If we go with the latter we can wait.

A trade is also possible. Teven Jenkins is a 2025 FA who I think could be fantastic if he could stay healthy. Cosmi, Eichenberg, Kenyan Green. If any of those teams are up against the salary cap we could look to pry an asset or two free.

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