Jonah Jackson makes 1st team all rookie

Congrats to Jonah Jackson


He had a decent rookie year, hopefully he keeps improving just like Ragnow has.


I’m no draft guru, but I am curious, in this list what rounds were the All Rookies drafted in.

Going to go out on a limb and say a certain cornerback is unlikely to end up on the 1st team all rookie defensive squad

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1, UDFA, 1, 2, 1, 4, 3, 1, 1, 6, 4, 3


Wait, does that mean first round picks are better than other picks? Some posters had me convinced otherwise, LOL.


Thank You 2!! :+1:

It’s definitely round one vs. the field, not only here but I suspect with Pro Bowl and all pro balloting as well.

I would also like to point out that the RB was the UDFA. Stop spending high picks on RBs!


The only reason D’Andre Swift wasn’t on this list is Bevell’s man love for an 80 year old running back who was a great draft pick along with Calvin Johnson… Swift was a terrific pick and we will not regret spending a high 2nd on the guy.

Maybe we can just pay a consulting fee to BQ to have his ranking of Olineman prospects in the draft, because he did a very nice job of drafting them. FA didn’t fair nearly as well, but he drafted Decker/Ragnow/Jackson and Glasgow and that’s pretty good.


I don’t know, James Robinson crushed it this year. He probably would’ve gotten it still.

Or Taylor.

Very good point 3rdRGR, Quinn had his faults as GM, mainly hiring Patricia was his downfall. But, he did draft o-linemen well.

I dont know, Onwenu over Sternberger seemed like a no brainer to me. Glad we got Jackson though.


Robinson 240 rush attempts 4.5 ypc., 10 total TD’s
Taylor 232 rush attempts 5.0 ypc., 12 total TD’s
Swift 114 rush attempts 4.6 ypc., 10 total TD’s
Peterson 156 stolen rush attempts 3.9 ypc.

Give Swift another 126 carries…

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2 main issues prevented those 126 carries, #1 - Bev loves AP #2 Swift missed 3 games with a concussion.

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Give Swift another 126 carrys and I’m scared he ends up in the hospital

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I think Swift is a very talented RB, but the talent of the player drafted is mostly irrelevant to my argument. The point is that RB is a position is the most replaceable position on the field, and can be filled by the least amount of resources (I was banging the table hard last year to draft Robinson in the late rounds). The OL, coaching, and to a lesser extent QB matter much more to the success of the running game than the RB. Here’s the way I feel about it, but put in a far better way than I ever could:

I understand that you will disagree with me and that is fine, it’s simply a difference of opinion and it would be boring if we all agreed all the time,

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Yep, but more the former than the latter. I like AP, he just should have been a short yardage and 4 minute guy (assuming we’d actually have a lead). Not pulling so many touches away from Swift and KeJo for that matter.

Top 20 pick is different than a high 2nd round pick. Not that far apart as I probably wouldn’t drop a top 20 for any RB even a guy like Saquon.

Great at drafting them, horrible at getting them through free agency.

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