Jordan Davis - Love this dude

Friggin love this guy. HUGE…just towers over the lockers and other humans. LOL.
The hi lights were great, and I could not help but wonder…How many sheep did they have to shave to make that shirt for him?
Love his energy - great teammate, professional, humble…but still aggressive!

Congrats Philly fans!


when we traded up this is who I thought we were going to draft


Definitely and he would have been a massive help this year. But if Jamo is everything as advertised then we made the right pick.


I really did too.
I was thinking

  1. Davis
  2. Willis
    then I thought to myself…"that makes perfect sense too…I actually wondered if we would target him earlier in the year (before the draft).

And at the time they probably thought Levi’s back wouldn’t be a chronic issue


Hope Levi can do this thing, but truthfully…I’ll be surprised if he turns into anything more than an average starter. He could have been part of the deal that brought Javonte Williams here. Then we could have THREE J-Wills. How cool is that?

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Davis has to play more than 50% of snaps to be a first round prospect. We will see.


He’s gonna flash a ton, this year (already is). Health is “a thing” with any football player, and with this particular guy, conditioning could be a factor as well. I can see him getting bigger, stronger, and even faster next season. He’s already an impact player. Even if all he does is blow ppl up on first and 2nd down? Short yardage packages? He’s impactful already…and he will grow.

I really liked trading to get Jamo though so I’m not gonna fault that unless Jamo just doesn’t pan out which will be a big loss. The guy that I really wanted, particularly since he slipped out of the 1st round(and second round for that matter) was Travis Jones. I thought with Travis we could bring in a stout nose(that could also push the pocket back) and move Alim over to the 3. Or if Levi came back healthy and stepped up to have him at the 3 and have Alim as a heavy rotational DT that could play in either spot. That was my idea anyway. Hindsight is 20/20 of course I mean i do like the Paschal pick I’m not shirking away from that regardless of preseason.

Yup - this year, Paschal will be moved around inside and outside, out of need. I think you are 100% correct though.

-Let’s draft a guy that slides Alim to the 3 technique (he would do awesome there).
-I think Paschal ends up as an oversized DE
-LEVI is the guy that ends up backing up multiple pistons (3 technique and both DE spots)

So … Hutch/McNeil/NewMonsterDTguy/Paschal.
That is an oversized, yet athletic front 4 that can get pressure without having to blitz. Frees up the LBs, and creates havoc, while eliminating chunks of the playbook for opposing offenses. More focus on doing what we do well, rather than shifting around more every week. T
With the right DT, that is a nasty lineup against both the run and the pass.

Imagine that with Rodriguez’s effort and athleticism, and new LBguy we draft in 2nd round! Tons of fun. DBs are suddenly looking light years better (A.Pleasant is a fantastic coach too, so we’re gonna be fine there without investing a ton of resources).

They moved Hutch inside on that 3rd down and the offense called a good play. It was 3rd and long, typically you’d pass - but they used our aggressiveness against us and doubled Hutch did some nice Oline movement to open up a huge hole.

at that point our useless linebackers missed a tackle and gave up the first down. Barnes came up clean and simply whiffed


Big guy can move for sure and his personality makes you a fan. No way this big fat guy is going to catch me! Whoops.

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Definitely a weakness of a penetrating (sometimes over penetrating) gap style defense.

(out of Ikes - nice post!)

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LOL - He could outrun me, I promise ya!

I’m very concerned if we don’t pick up another DT and linebacker (especially) of the waiver wire. I love Rodriquez but we shouldn’t have to count on him being a full time starter either. We need more talent at linebacker.

Maybe Pittman and Davis will surprise us. Derrick Barnes has the look of a linebacker but I’m not seeing the instincts.


We discussed this guy ad nauseam pre-draft, I didn’t want him at all while I was very high on Jamo so I like the way things turned out.

But the player drafted after the guy we drafted will always be a hot topic on here, and there’s a perfect storm happening right now: 1) everyone’s justifiably worried about the center of our d-line, 2) Jamo’s not playing, 3) Davis is flashing in Philly, which was a really good place for him to go since they rotate more than most teams.

But nothing’s changed since the draft. iDL was one of our bigger unknowns, Jamo was recovering from the torn ACL, Philly was a good spot for Davis. I do expect him to flash and have many meme-able moments, but the problem with him was always how can you draft a guy who plays less than 50% of snaps that highly? It didn’t matter as much for Philly since they rotate like crazy but for most teams it was a real problem. Also, why did it take until his final season for him to get in good enough shape to even approach that 50% number? Just too risky that high.

Plus next year’s draft is absolutely loaded at DT, and I guarantee Holmes knew it.


Yeah I want to see if any of our DL guys get better as the season progresses. Hopefully Levi gets healthy and plays up to his capabilities. If he doesn’t show significant progression by the end of the year then move him for a cheap pick and find someone else next year, but you have to play him. We’re most likely not a playoff team so you continue trying to mold the young guys into quality starters/depth hopefully.

I’m not too concerned with anything right now. It’s just way too early for that for me anyway.


If you look at history most elite wr are drafted in late rounds 2nd or lower. Some are the exception like Chase. However you to have decent qb. Time will tell but I would have went with hutch then traded up for Davis


Not sold. Nothing against Jordan, just being a big man in the center of most every scrum can’t be beneficial to a long career.

Still, wish him the best, sans opening day!


I can see the other side of the coin as well. He’s still in great shape from his combine training this year. Let’s see if he keeps that up or allows his weight to balloon as he gets older.

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