Jordan Love and not going on 4 th down

This baby faced head coach job is to screw Rodgers ?He has not helped the team in any way drafting Jordan or not going on 4 th down When Rodgers is under center . Why these guys are paid for these kind of screw ups ? Suh finally won something special in lambeau. See the networking of players Brady has , that’s the reason for his success


Did anyone else cheer when GB chose not to go for it on 4th down? Worst decision of the season!


I still cant believe they kicked a FG that’s some funny stuff right there.


If the Packers had drafted WR Jefferson, they are likely playing in the SB. Rodgers had a great season and was the better QB today.


Only reason I asked is because I am not born here like all you watching football . But how can a head coach make a colossal mistake like that and survive . He insulted Rodgers last year drafting Jordan and now this . He has to be accountable taking another chance from Rodgers . Rodgers might be thinking he should not have made mockery of McCarthy

Espnbaby I would not be shocked if this creates a major rift in that lockerroom

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Rodgers got what he deserved. He’s an arrogant, coddled, Ahole that just got his chance to face off with the Brady for a chance to go to the Super Bowl, on his home field. He just got beat by a 43 year old in his first year with a new team. Nobody should ever mention GOAT and Rodgers in the same sentence ever again.


That would be fine with me.

lol even we are pissed . We know the Green Bay tradition , long wait for a season ticket. Let’s enjoy the readings tomorrow :point_up:

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Brady I will give a free pass , he has done everything , throwed 3 ints , but he has a good team to back him . Rodgers might be arrogant bit because he was drafted late . But if we look his plays he don’t waste any drives .,He can be rattled only in extreme pressure , otherwise he will always kill the opponents . We can not tell that he has superior weapons like other qbs , but he is a smart gamer , not wild like favre . He might be bit arrogant , agreed

That “dumb” coach built a great offense that compliments rodgers with an elite run game. And has him playing his best. He also has built a good defense. And he’s won a bunch of games already. He made a bad call… But seriously… I would do anything to have that staff in charge here.

Time will tell, but drafting Bryce Love looks very Bob Quinn-ish right now.

They needed one more player in that game. A Tee Higgins or Chase Claypool or Van Jefferson probably would have done it for them. Or a Kevin King replacement.

Lets not forget that ridiculous TD that ended the half.

What’s wrong with these head coaches like Sean mcdermot settling for field goals against mahomes

You forgot closeted


Where do you rank him ?

I might get labeled the trouble maker but

Even if that’s the case , it’s just hard to read comments like this

What makes it relevant to bring up?

Do you think that hurts his trade value ?


They are just a bunch of adults with grade school humor who seem to think comments like that are funny for some reason.
We can hope they will grow up, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.