Josh Dobbs= Minshew Mania

…or any other instance you want to think of, where a back-up quarterback came in, lit it up for a few games and made everybody go crazy. Josh Dobbs might ‘Scot Mitchell’ himself into a nice contract from some desperate team next year, but he isn’t leading the Vikings to the promise land or even a divisional crown this year.

I usually don’t make any sort of ‘predictions,’ but this to is more akin to sticking my hand out the window, pulling it back in all damp and exclaiming, “it looks like rain.”

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I absolutely think he could lead them into a wildcard. No doubt in my mind.

He stood up pretty tall in the pocket and is a hell of a lot better than Boyle and Blaugh.

IDK he just got beat by the Broncos.

So did the Chiefs and Bills.

He’s had good improv skills but can’t push the down the field. Nice player, nice guy but not qb 1 for a really good team.

You can put me down with agreeing he isn’t leading them to a division title.

I can see them potentially sneaking into wildcard.

He made some nice plays but some poor decisions as well. I just have a tough time believing he has been on the roster for 6-7 teams and everyone was wrong about him and now suddenly he is a stud.

I think he will always be dangerous bc he is mobile and can evade pressure while looking to move the ball down the field but I do not have a high degree of confidence that he could sit and pick a team apart.

We will see. Serve me a dish of crow if I’m wrong

So you think the Vikes are in the same class as them two. The Vikes are 6-5 and just loss to the bronco’s. I would rather play the Vikes then either of them two. I watched the end of that game Dobbs is so overrated.

No, was just pointing out that Bronco’s have beaten some good teams as of late so getting beat by them may not be as terrible as some think.


No but loosing to them when your trying gain 2 games on us isn’t a great endorsement or something I’m worried about. If we need to worry about Dobbs lead Viking team then we’re not gonna fair well in the playoffs.
Any given Sunday thou.


I agree 100%

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He has looked competent for 3 different teams this year (Cleveland pre season/camp). That says a lot about him and how smart he is.



Do people know that Dobbs was a Detroit Lion?

Exactly. He’s a journeyman backup who has played for almost every team in the league and the media was making him out to Lamar Jackson or something.


I was thrilled when we signed Dobbs to the ps last season. I posted then that i had watched him dominate the preseason. I was pissed when the Vikings picked him up because i enjoy rooting for him. I always thought with his physical skills and intelligence that he would continue to get better year after year in this league. I do hope he goes somewhere else next season.

Dobby is stupid elusive. He’s going to give our pass rush fits. But it’s also going to get him hurt at some point in the NFL

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The Bills are 6-5 as well and just lost to Broncos and Jets?

Yeah maybe but are you telling me you think the Vikes are a better team then the Bills ?
One thing the stats don’t tell you is that no one is afraid of playing the Vikes but almost every team fears playing Josh and the Bills.

Geno Smith

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Hey that’s fair but also extremely rare.

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